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Danish wall décor with practical perks

In our selection of other products, you find a wide range of useful items for your wall - from decorative magnetic mirrors and gallery shelves to hooks and magnetic key cabinets. At NAGA, even the most practical household article can be aesthetic. That’s because we always incorporate decorative options into our designs so you can personalise and tailor our products to your needs.

Write on hooks with markers, personalise your cabinet with magnets and photos – there are many possibilities, and with a digital gift card, you can even give someone close to you the opportunity to explore them.


Aesthetic wall décor that stands out

All NAGA’s products have two things in common: they are designed to go on the wall, and they have multiple purposes. You can use them as decorative wall décor as well as for storage, planning, and other practical uses. Our maps are a prime example of this. Put them on the wall as pure inspiration or as a decorative poster to catch the eye - or use them to organise a hiking trip of Scandinavia by using board markers to draw out your routes.

Amongst our range, we also have metallic and acrylic shelves, magnetic holders, and elegant mirrors. Adorn your home by being creative with what you place on them while making the best of the many options offered with our wall décor. Draw smileys on your magnetic mirror or put a special message on the glass by using a chalk marker in a vibrant colour. Exhibit your plants, store your magazines - the choice is yours.


Practical storage solutions of high quality

With wall décor from NAGA, you are presented with a variety of storage solutions that are as practical as they are aesthetic. While our hooks are perfect for coats, scarves, and other outdoor wear, you can also hang photos from them by using a piece of cord. Similarly, our elegant magnetic holders in glass, walnut, and oak can be anything you want them to be. Knife holder, a place for the scissors or keys, decorative wall décor, or somewhere to showcase your magnets.

Wall décor is all about being creative and seeing the possibilities. Why put your things away in bags, drawers, and hidden boxes when you can display them in a way that is decorative, practical, and fun? With magnetic options and plenty of surfaces to write on, it’s easy to broaden the usage of NAGA’s products.


Is NAGA's wall décor suitable for storage?
Yes, with most of our wall décor you get the option to store items, either by using magnets, placing them on shelves, or by hanging them up on hooks.

What type of wall décor is there?
We have a wide range of decorative wall décor, from elegant key cabinets to display cases and multipurpose shelves, that all have practical functions. Browse through our selection to find something that suits your needs.

Why choose wall décor from NAGA?
The great thing about NAGA’s wall décor is its many functions. Some are magnetic, others allow you to write on the surface with board markers. But, common for all of them is their decorative function. They can be whatever you want them to be.