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Magnetic knife holder

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A magnet holder that works

With a magnet holder, it’s the last time you leave home without your keys or waste precious time rummaging the drawers for equipment while cooking. By attaching your essential belongings to a magnet holder on the wall, you always have them within sight. 

NAGA’s magnet holder is available as a classic knife holder, but it also comes in a round shape, which is both decorative and functional. Use it for something practical like storing scissors or let them be creative ornaments on their own. Produced in glass, oak, and walnut in good quality, there is a style to suit every home. What you choose is up to you.  


A magnet holder has many uses

Our magnet holder is an aesthetic storage solution ideal for keeping your cooking essentials within easy reach in the kitchen or storing practical items in the hall. With our magnet holder in glass, you get the added benefit of a write-on and wipe-off function, meaning you can write and draw directly on the surface with a chalk marker. A magnet holder is very versatile with many uses.

When combined with NAGA’s larger magnetic boards, our round magnet holders are great at adding style and personality to your wall. Try them next to round boards in warm colours or put them on an elegant glass board as decorations. This way you merge the practical with the aesthetic – it’s fun and creative.


Free up space and get organised

A magnet holder creates structure by making sure stuff doesn’t lay around, taking up unnecessary space. It reduces stress in the home – and it looks great on the wall.

Have your scissors at hand in the office when it’s time to get crafty. Come up with systems and patterns as you let your imagination wander or write notes with reminders for yourself or for others. The best thing about a magnet holder is that there is no limit to what it can hold. As long as the object is made of metal, or can be attached with magnets, it has a place on your wall.

Our round magnet holder is delivered in a neat gift box. It includes two double-sided, adhesive stickers with anti-slip so you can choose if you want to mount the magnet holder directly on the wall or put it on a larger board. Similarly, our knife holder in oak comes with two holes on the back, making it easy to put on the wall with a pair of screws. 


Can you put keys directly on a magnet holder?
Although keys are made of metal, they are not magnetic. However, by sticking them on a key ring, it’s easy to attach the ring to the holder.

How do you use a magnet holder?
Use your magnet holder to store your belongings a visible place. This could for example be knives for cooking, scissors, keys, and other items essential in your everyday life.

What material is the magnet holder made of?
NAGA’s magnet holder comes in glass, oak, and walnut. All are super strong magnets, and all are excellent at holding on to metallic objects. At the same time our glass holders enable you to write on the surface with board markers.

Why choose a magnet holder?
A magnet holder is a smart way of storing your daily essentials. It frees up space in the drawers, while adding a decorative element to the room.