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Acrylic products

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Add magic to the room with acrylic storage

Our free-floating shelves in clear acrylic boast a clean, elegant look. The material is so clear that you barely see it, making any item you put on it appear as if it were floating in mid-air. Therefore, an acrylic shelf suits every room, both at home and in the office.

These clear acrylic shelves are great for a light, minimalist look. With the clean, transparent look of glass, but without the fragility, acrylic lets you safely store all kinds of small items.

Use our shelves to display small plants, photos, candles, ceramic figurines, and other decorative ornaments, or store your magazines in a holder on the wall. 


Acrylic display cases, gallery shelves, and magazine holders

In our acrylic product range, you can choose between a classic display case with seven spaces to exhibit your decorations, gallery shelves in two different sizes, and a magazine holder with room for your favourite reads. While acrylic storage isn’t suitable for super-heavy items due to its light material, it doesn’t mean it can’t be practical.  

Our acrylic storage products are ideal for decluttering your home. Why not use our gallery shelf in the bathroom for things like nail polish, make-up, perfumes, and hair products? Or how about storing beautiful glasses or espresso cups in a display case in the open-plan living room? Similarly, use our magazine holders to store documents and keep a clear workspace.


Using and looking after your acrylic storage

In a creative workspace, acrylic storage, like a display case or a gallery shelf, is perfect for showcasing art and craft projects. Use them for storing pens, and keeping pearls for jewellery-making in jars – as long as it’s not too heavy, it can go on your wall. You can even use acrylic storage in the kids’ room, who might welcome the chance to display their homemade decorations and favourite toys.  


What is great about clear acrylic, is its versatility. Be it on a white wall or against colourful wallpaper, it fits with many backgrounds. Also, its see-through, airy surface is great for good lighting as it does not block natural light in the room. 

When cleaning, you must refrain from using window cleaner and other chemical cleaning products as it damages the material. Simply, dip a cloth into the lukewarm soapy water and wring it out before you use it. Be careful about using any sharp objects for cleaning, to avoid scratches.


How do I keep clear acrylic products clean?
Refrain from using window cleaner and other chemical cleaning products as it damages the material. Simply dip a cloth into lukewarm soapy water and wring out before you use it - and be careful when drying the surface to avoid any scratches.

What is the benefit of acrylic storage?
The benefit of a clear acrylic shelf is the special material. It has a light, airy quality to it that makes it blend in with the room, adding grace and elegance.

Why choose clear acrylic for storage?
There are many reasons for choosing clear acrylic for storage. Its clean, transparent appearance allows lighting, unlike opaque shelves. Since it is not brittle like glass, it is easier and safer to maintain. You can store a much wider range of items than glass shelves.