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Magnetic cabinets - secure storage in a decorative fashion

Not everything is meant to be displayed in the open. Some items require secure storage, which is why NAGA offers a selection of quality medicine cabinets and key cabinets with magnetic doors that are easily decorated with photos and ornaments.

Our cabinets solve your practical problems in a decorative fashion. Put medicine and expensive items out of sight in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, so it never falls into the wrong hands, and attach photos to the door with super strong magnets. Or get yourself a nice key cabinet for your family’s or company’s keys.

By choosing one of our cabinets with a glass or mirror surface, you even get to write and draw on the cabinet door with markers. A great way to decorate.


Multi-purpose key cabinets

NAGA’s key cabinet is something of its own. While the door works as a notice board, you will find practical hooks inside the cabinet itself where you can hang your keys and name them by using Dymo labelling or a white marker.

Our magnetic cabinet for keys is available in natural oak veneer, glass, and as a mirror. You, therefore, get to choose a style that suits your needs. A key cabinet with a mirror door could, for instance, be perfect for those who want to combine storage with a decorative mirror - and our glass cabinet is simply an elegant piece of home décor. You can write on the door with markers and wipe it off with a soft cloth, as well as attach items with magnets.  

If you prefer a more rustic look, then we have a key cabinet made of oak veneer, a natural material with variations in texture and colour. The magnetic effect makes it easy to display items with super strong magnets.


Medicine cabinets in quality designs

Like the key cabinet, NAGA’s medicine cabinet also combines with practical and decorative elements in the best possible way. The door is magnetic, and should you choose a cabinet with a glass or mirror surface, then you can even write on it with markers. The result is a stylish storage space for medicine, perfumes, skincare products, and more.

Lock the cabinet so the young ones don’t get their hands on anything they shouldn’t and fill the shelves with your personal belongings. If you fancy something more decorative, you simply use super strong magnets to attach pretty ornaments to the door.

Get more structure in your every day, while adorning your walls: A cabinet from NAGA has many uses.


Do all your cabinets have a write-on/wipe-off function?

You can write on all our cabinets with a marker, apart from those made of oak veneer.

What are the advantages of a magnetic storage cabinet?

With a magnetic cabinet you can attach items to its door with super strong magnets, making it possible to decorate it in whatever way you like.

What type of cabinets can I get?

NAGA offers a selection of key cabinets and medicine cabinets with magnetic doors. You, therefore, get what we call a 2-in-1: notice board and storage.