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Liven up your wall with a shelf from NAGA

At NAGA, we design shelves that are decorative, functional, and have many features – from magnetic shelves to built-in candle holders. Use them to display magazines and recipes, as exhibition spaces for your photos, or simply as places for storing practical items. The best thing about a shelf from NAGA is how easy it is to tailor it to your needs.

Available in a range of sizes and materials, finding something for every taste is trouble-free. We have wicker shelves made from water hyacinth, metal shelves in black or white, and acrylic products. 


Decoration, storage space, and everything in-between

If you want a shelf with a timeless look that blends in wherever it goes, then a gallery shelf might be what you need. Produced in metal or acrylic and offered in a variety of sizes, this classic piece is perfect for showcasing plants, flowers, sculptures, and other decorative items in a straightforward way, at home or in the office. All you need to do is pick out a few things, hang your shelf on the wall – and then you are ready to start decorating. Put up a couple of candles or exhibit your homemade ceramics. They are very versatile.

For those looking for a practical solution for larger items, our round storage shelf in white or black gives you plenty of options. Due to its size and depth, it’s easy to fill them with scarves, hats, and other types of clothing. Your organising and decluttering just got a lot more exciting.


A shelf with a magnetic effect

With NAGA’s metal shelves you get more than just a piece of nice-looking home décor – you get the magnetic effect. This means you can attach items to the shelf with magnets. Thanks to our large selection, it’s easy to personalise your shelf by picking unique magnets in different colours. Let them be decorative on their own or use them to hang up photos or art prints to create a more modern look.

Shelves add life to the room. They are practical, decorative, and allow you to be creative, as each shelf has many options for storing and exhibiting items. Some come with hooks for jewellery or in-built candle holders, others are triple shelves with lots of storage space. A shelf can be as aesthetic as it can be practical – that’s what makes it so useful.   

All shelves from NAGA come with screws and plugs, making it easy to assemble your new shelf.


What are the benefits of NAGA’s shelves?
By putting the shelves on the wall, you save space in the rest of the room. You can therefore store your belongings, while decorating the home at the same time.

What can I use your shelves for?
Our shelves come in various shapes and sizes. Use them to store items such as scarves, jewellery, pictures, and books, or turn it into a gallery showcasing artistic items. They are very versatile.

Why choose shelves from NAGA?
Our shelves are designed to have more than one use. This is because we want to give people a choice when it comes to the decoration of their home or office. The benefit of a NAGA shelf, therefore, lies in its decorative and practical functions – they can be tailored to your needs.