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Metal shelves

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A metal shelf with something for every room

In our metal range, you will find a wide selection of decorative shelves for different uses – from double shelves with lots of storage space to elegant magazine holders. Made in white and black metal, our metal shelves are easily combined to create more space for decorative or practical purposes.

Use them to exhibit your favourite items and put your own stamp on the room or use as necessary storage for your personal belongings. Thanks to the metal shelf’s magnetic effect, it’s even possible to attach things with magnets, giving you plenty of options to play with.


Interior design made simple

What we like about our home décor is how user-friendly it is. Forget about assembling several parts with long-winded instructions – a metal shelf is easily mounted to the wall with a few screws and plugs. Once up, it’s not hard to use it either. All our metal shelves come with numerous options for storing and exhibiting decorative as well as practical items.

While some designs, such as our magnetic rings, are ideal for displaying photos and more creative elements, others work wonders in bathrooms and living rooms alike. Use them for books or storage boxes.

If you are looking for something a little quirky, then our round metal shelf allows you to be creative as they come with a holder. Fill it with a nice plant, use it for hats and gloves, or come up with your own special ideas.    


Decorate and personalise the room with a metal shelf

With a metal shelf from NAGA, you always have something to work with. One look at our metal range will be proof. Even if you feel unsure about what room to put it in, it’s easy to change how you use it over time. Let it journey through the house and take up different locations as you experiment with styles and uses; there is no right or wrong way to use a metal shelf. Add a personal touch or keep it neutral. With a metal shelf, it’s easy to suit the room.

Our magazine holder is a good example of this. While it is an excellent spot for keeping comics and magazines, it also works for many other purposes. In the bedroom, you might want it for storing your favourite books. Or how about displaying recipes and cooking books in the kitchen? Everything is possible.  


What is special about NAGA’s metal shelves?
Our metal shelves are designed to be versatile, meaning they have many uses and enable you to be creative with your interior. Use the magnetic effect to add something extra to the shelves, or simply take advantage of the practical storage the shelves offer.

What styles do you offer?
At NAGA, we offer a bit of it all. Classic, straight shelves in black or white, round shelves with interesting quirks, as well as double shelves and magazine holders.

Where can I use a metal shelf?
A metal shelf is suitable for all homes. Use it to store your outdoor wear in the hallway or to showcase your favourite perfumes in the bedroom. Or use it for for spice jars in the kitchen. The metal shelf is also perfect as decoration space in the kids’ room.