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Medicine cabinets

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A magnetic medicine cabinet for storage and decoration

With a medicine cabinet from NAGA, you get an elegant storage unit for medicine and other items you wish to keep safe. Hang it in the kitchen or bathroom and lock it to avoid children getting their hands on anything they are not supposed to touch. You can even use its magnetic door as a notice board by attaching reminders, prescriptions, or decorative elements with super strong magnets.

Our medicine cabinet has three shelves and comes in oak veneer, black and white glass, as well as a mirror. So, you have plenty to choose from, and plenty of ways to decorate it.


Create structure and get organised

A medicine cabinet helps you organise your home. By sorting out what’s in your cupboards, you get a better idea of what needs to go and what is important, adding a sense of structure. It’s far too easy to forget what’s in those dusty boxes, and with children in the house that’s no good. Even if you don’t need to worry about that, a medicine cabinet is still a handy thing to have – and it’s not just useful for medicine.  

Maybe you have a collection of nail polish you feel protective about? Or perhaps you own a couple of expensive perfumes that you don’t want to see on the floor? Thanks to the cabinet’s lock, it’s easy to keep things safe, whether it’s medicine, skincare, or beauty products. Use it to store your best aftershave in a safe spot or put the medicine cabinet in the living room as a decorative storage unit for your favourite artefacts.   

What’s amazing about a medicine cabinet is how many functions it has: What you use it for is up to you.


Use magnets to decorate your medicine cabinet

While our medicine cabinet is designed as a secure storage space, it has plenty more perks to offer. With its magnetic effect it has a decorative function too. Adorn with super strong magnets in different shapes and colours, attach art prints and photos, or write directly on the door by using a glass marker (if you have a glass cabinet).  

If you choose a medicine cabinet with a mirror you can write quotes and draw funny patterns after you’ve done your hair in the mornings. With a cabinet in oak veneer, you get a unique product in natural materials that looks pretty on its own. It works as a storage space, wall decoration and notice board all in one. 


Is a medicine cabinet only for storing medicine?
While our medicine cabinet is designed to store medicine, it can also be used for many other things. Maybe you have jewellery or special artefacts you wish to store safely? Or a delicate perfume? A medicine cabinet makes it easy to lock things away.

What materials are the medicine cabinet made of?
Our medicine cabinet is produced in black metal with door in white glass, black glass, as well as oak veneer - a natural material with a unique look. Apart from that, we also have a medicine cabinet with a mirror. So, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Why choose a medicine cabinet?
Our medicine cabinet is made from glass and oak veneer, both quality materials. So, they look good on the wall, while also serving as a safe storage space for medicine and other essentials. Since the door is magnetic, you can decorate your cabinet or attach reminders with magnets. It, therefore, has many uses.