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Wall hooks for every room

A wall hook from NAGA is never quite what it seems. Made from materials like glass, terrazzo glass, oak and metal, our hooks are designed to look good on the wall - and if you choose one in glass you even get the added bonus of being able to write on its surface with a board marker, giving you plenty of options.

How about organising the family’s coats in the hallway by naming each of the glass wall hooks? This way everyone knows where their coats go when they come home. Or perhaps it’s time to give those kitchen towels a place to call home?

With wall hooks, you can solve practical problems, while adding to the room’s interior in a style of your choice.


Store keys, scarves, towels, and outdoor wear

At its core, wall hooks are nothing more than places to hang jackets, scarves and other essential items – simple, yet vital. Place them in the hallway for your outdoor essentials, use them as a handy spot for your kitchen towels, or hang up your keys so you never lose them again. Some products, like our loop hook in oak, even come with a leather strip, which maximises its potential. This way you can put clothes up on a hanger while using the strip for lighter items at the same time.  

Yet, what’s truly great about wall hooks is how easy it is for them to blend in. Because they are produced in a variety of materials, it’s easy to find wall hooks to suit the style and interior of the room. For bathrooms, for instance, you may like glass in white or black terrazzo style, and in the kitchen, a classic black one is great for blending in. There are many options, and more than one way to use wall hooks.   


Use wall hooks as decorations

When combining NAGA wall hooks with magnetic boards in different sizes and colours, they look surprisingly decorative. Place them next to bigger boards as quirky ornaments or stick items in magnetic metal directly onto your magnetic hook – there are many ways to make them stand out. If you have a framed photo or artsy illustration, why not try to attach it to a hook by using a strong cord? Or perhaps it's time to get the jewellery out of the drawers and put them on display?

Wall hooks aren't just decorative, they also save more space than cupboards and shelves. They offer both functionality and simplicity.


What can I use wall hooks for?
Wall hooks are designed to store items that can easily hang from a hook – like towels, scarves, jackets, and hats. If you aren’t the practical type, wall hooks are also great for decoration. You can attach items made from magnetic metal, and if you have a glass hook, you can write directly on the magnetic wall hooks.

What materials are wall hooks made of?
NAGA’s wall hooks are produced in white and black glass, terrazzo glass, oak, and metal. Choose between our magnetic styles or pick a more traditional hook.

Why choose wall hooks?
If you need somewhere to store personal items that don't take up a lot of space, then wall hooks are a good solution. They are practical as well as decorative.