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Behind NAGA

NAGA was founded in 1977, with the production of traditional notice boards in cork and hessian, produced in Denmark and sold to large parts of the world. The name NAGA, is inspired by the materials the boards were originally made of an abbreviation of the Danish words for "nature" and "gift".

Danish design on your wall

A lot has happened since 1977, and today NAGA has one of Europe's probably largest selections of boards and board accessories. We are best known for our colorful, magnetic glass boards, which are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes in many colors. The traditional notice boards in cork and hessian are still a part of the product selection, in addition to practical planners and world maps in various materials. The product line is continually being extended with various other things, both for decorative and practical use on the wall.

All our products are still being developed and designed in Denmark, but production has moved abroad.

NAGA products are sold through dealers and distributors in large parts of the world, and here in our own website we sell to member states of the European Union.

Welcome to NAGA and our colorful world!

Allan Petersen & Anne-Kari Fischer.

We are the “owners behind”, we took over NAGA in 2008, and since then we have developed and expanded significantly on the entire product range and brand. When we design, we consider both design and functionality in the development. One of the product lines that we are most proud of is our practical planner boards, they are unique, and you will not find them anywhere else.

When you buy from us, NAGA, you buy from a small company, with personal service. Everyone can make mistakes, both big and small, so if you have had a bad experience with our products, or us, we will always try to correct. Customer service is the most important thing for us, so feel free to contact us directly and give us the opportunity to turn a bad experience into a positive experience.