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Planner boards

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Planner boards – always keep one step ahead

With a planner board from NAGA, you get a decorative piece of home décor that doubles as a tool to plan family activities, work tasks, holiday itineraries and much more. 

Our planner boards are available in various materials and designs. For those who don’t like to plan too far in advance, we have week planners in glass with a square for each day of the week. This way you can jot down the meal of the day with a marker or put up reminders with super strong magnets. We also have whiteboards and week planner pads if you prefer something more traditional. 

And for those who love to plan ahead, we have a colourful month planner. This magnetic wonder is made from glass, and you can write on the surface with markers and attach items with magnets – the perfect solution if you need to think big.


Organise your everyday activities with a week planner

NAGA’s week planner is suited for homes and offices alike. Hang it on the wall next to a large plant, above the desk or in the kitchen. You have plenty of options.

Some use a week planner to organise their meals, others use it to keep track of work or their children's playdates. No matter what you have in mind, you are bound to find a design that suits your needs in our selection.

Choose between glass boards in black and white or pastel colours, a sweet kid’s board covered in protective, laminated foil, as well as traditional whiteboards and A4-pads. The majority of boards come with screws, rawplugs, drilling templates and markers so you can get started right away.


A month planner for big and small ideas

NAGA’s month planner is simple and elegant. Available in colour shades like grey and green, as well as vibrant pastel, it’s great for those who are looking for something decorative. What’s more, you get a lifetime warranty on the glass surfaces on our boards, which is a testament to the quality of our products. 

Start each month by filling in your plans for the weeks ahead with a marker – and if your plans change, you simply wipe it out with an eraser or a soft cloth. That’s what’s great about a month planner in glass: You always get another chance.   

Plan your work week by adding dates for meetings and upcoming deadlines. Sort out a creative project. Or use your month planner to get a visual overview of the family’s social life and keep track of everything – from birthday parties to sport events. 


Do you have planner boards for kids?

Yes. NAGA has a nice week planner with a panda motif. The board is made from magnetic steel and is covered in protective laminated foil – perfect for children.

What can I use a planner board for?

For some, a week planner or month planner is a good way of organising their everyday life and activities, for others, it’s a decorative item for the wall. NAGA’s boards have many uses.

What type of planner boards can I get?

At NAGA, we have two types of planner boards: a week planner and a month planner. The majority of these are magnetic and made of glass, but we also offer other styles such as whiteboards.