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Chalk boards

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Add a retro look to your wall with a chalk board

For many people, the sight of a chalk board is enough to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Used in schools, it was once an essential tool for learning, but today it’s considered a bit of a retro item, popular amongst all age groups. At NAGA, we offer the traditional chalk board in a wooden frame, but we also have a modernised version with a magnetic surface. This way you get to attach things to the chalk board with magnets.

Use it to teach the youngest new skills, put it on the wall in the living room to add a touch of retro to the interior, or write the week’s meals in the kitchen. There are many options with a chalk board.


A modern chalk board with magnetic features

We have made traditional boards since 1977, so whether you want a taste of the traditional chalk board or an upscaled version, there is no better place. A chalk board is a good way of adding personality to the room as it has a unique retro look and can be used by children and adults alike. For some, it’s a drawing board, and for others, it’s a practical planner because the chalk is so easily erased.

In our board accessories section, you can find chalk and chalk holders for your board. They are very budget-friendly and a chalk board is a good low-cost solution. Just make sure you are gentle when writing or drawing with the chalk to avoid breakage – this way it lasts longer.


Week planning, homework, and motivational quotes

Despite its retro look, a chalk board is no different from any other notice board. Write reminders on it with chalk, keep track of homework, chores, and other important tasks, or be creative with motivational quotes and drawings. And if you have a magnetic chalk board, attach photos, invitations, documents, and other visual elements with magnets of your choice.

Whatever you choose to write with your chalk is easily wiped off with an eraser afterwards. This allows you to change how you use it over time. With a chalk board, you can be creative as well as practical. It looks great on the wall of your creative workspace, making it easy to plan the next project, and for school-aged children, it may help them organise their homework. A chalk board is hence a multipurpose tool. Let it be a fun decoration, or let it be a planner.


Are all chalk boards magnetic?
No, only our chalk boards named ‘magnetic chalk board’ have a magnetic effect. This is because some prefer the traditional board.

Can I use regular magnets on a magnetic chalk board?
Yes you can use ordinary refrigerator magnets on our magnetic chalk board, the magnets don't need to be super strong.

What can you use a chalk board for?
A chalk can be used as a decorative item by drawing things and writing quotes that go well on your wall. It is also equally suitable as a planning tool and notice board. Write reminders, plan meals, or keep track of upcoming events.

Why choose a chalk board?
A chalk board is a lot of fun. It’s easy to open a pack of chalk and write and draw on the board, and then it adds a retro look to the room. It can be used for many purposes, from planner to decoration, which gives you many options.