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Decorate your kitchen with a magnetic splashback in glass

A splashback is a practical necessity in the kitchen. Protecting the walls from grease, it does wonders when placed above the cooker – but it can do so much more. That’s why NAGA has launched a glass splashback collection consisting of four decorative designs.

Choose between glass in black marble, beige marble, classic black, or what we call pure white - a special glass type made by removing the iron, which gives it a clean, clear colour. On top of that, our glass splashback has magnetic effect, meaning you can attach items with super strong magnets or write on the surface with glass markers.


Protect the walls and decorate at the same time

NAGA’s glass splashback is available in two different sizes. For a normal cooker, we recommend 60 x 50cm, while our splashback measuring 100 x 50cm is ideal for larger kitchens, as well as those wanting more decorative space. This makes finding a style and size for your home easy.

Go for a classic look with a glass splashback in pure white or add something different to the wall with beige marble. It protects the room and decorates it at the same time. With a glass splashback, you, therefore, get an ornament serving a practical purpose.

Our splashback comes with self-adhesive tape at the back, so you can mount it directly to the wall. However, since all walls are different, we always recommend using montage glue or mirror silicone for additional strength. This way you are guaranteed a trouble-free process.


Everyday planning and creative pursuits

A splashback in glass is about more than practical necessities. Due to its magnetic effect, it’s easily turned into a notice board or creative display. Write on the glass directly or attach papers and notes with magnets – it makes planning a little easier. Jot down what ingredients are missing for an evening meal, create weekly dinner menus, and put recipes and other visuals on the splashback with super strong magnets.

Even if planning isn’t quite your thing, there are many other things you can do. Draw on the glass with glass markers and write funny quotes and statements – with a soft cloth or an eraser it’s easily wiped off again. You can also be creative by attaching photos, art prints, and postcards with magnets, especially if you have a large splashback. Choose magnets in a variety of styles, materials, and colours and add personality to your wall.

A glass splashback from NAGA is different than most – but not in a bad way.


What is the purpose of a splashback?
The primary purpose of a splashback is to protect your walls from stains and grease during cooking. It makes it easier to clean while adding a decorative element to the room. However, NAGA’s splashbacks have an added benefit: they are magnetic. Hence, you can attach decorative and practical items with magnets.

What materials are your splashbacks made of?
At NAGA, we produce all our splashbacks in glass. Choose between black, beige marble, black marble, or pure white – a special glass type where the iron is removed, which gives the white glass a purer and cleaner look.

Why choose a splashback from NAGA?
Our splashbacks have an elegant, exclusive quality to them. Like other splashbacks, they protect the wall, but they also act as notice boards and decorations. So, they have many uses.