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Pins and thumbtacks

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Organise and decorate your board with pins

Do you need flag pins for your world map, so you are always within spitting distance of your dream destinations? Or perhaps you require pins to attach photos, drawings, and important papers to your notice board? Then it's worth exploring NAGA's selection of pins.

With various styles and colours in high-quality materials to choose from, it’s easy to find pins to suit your needs. Adorn your notice board with decorative items, put up reminders and documents, or showcase memories from all the best moments in life – pins work for a bit of everything. They are a notice board’s best friend.  


Keep track of the day-to-day

Pins are a must-have pinboard accessory. Use them to attach important items to your board so you don't forget them and get an overview of your day-to-day plans. This way you never have to wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Choose between pins in black or nature-coloured wood for traditional pinboards in cork or hessian, or try our flag pins, which enable you to mark all the countries on your world map you you already visited or are hoping to visit in the future. We even have redwood pins with a star in the middle – perfect for maps as well as cork or hessian boards.

Pins are suitable for a bit of everything. The simple office essentials enable you to attach documents to your notice board, but they are also great for creative pursuits. Whether you are looking for something practical or decorative, pins are a must.  


Use pins to display memories and decorative ornaments

For the creative types, pins work wonders on a cork or hessian board. Pick a couple of different styles and use them to showcase all your best holiday photos. Alternatively, how about putting your children’s drawings on the board alongside other decorative pieces? The best thing about accessories like pins is their ability to turn a bare board into something nice and creative. If you grow tired of your creations, you simply take the pins down and put something else up.

With pins, there is no right or wrong way to decorate your notice board. They are suitable for many purposes, at home as well as in the office, and can therefore be used to attach many kinds of things to your board. Whether you are the practical or creative type, you are bound to make good use of your pins.


What can I use pins for?
Pins can be attached to notice boards made of cork or hessian. They therefore enable you put papers, photos, and decorative elements on your board. Nice and easy.

What type of pins can I get at NAGA?
We have classic pins made of wood in black and natural colours, which are suited to traditional notice boards in cork or hessian. We also sell flag pins and red wooden pins that can be attached to maps.

Where do I find good ideas for my pin board?
If you are looking for ideas for your board, then you can take a look at NAGA’s website where we have plenty of inspirational photos showcasing our products' many uses.