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Gallery shelves

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Add personality to the room with a classic gallery shelf

With a gallery shelf, you get a dedicated space for your decorations. Whether it’s photos, plants, candles, or cooking books, it is very versatile. Get the kind of ambiance you want by selecting what works best for the room. Add style, personality, and your own quirks to the home.

Available in acrylic as well as metal, our gallery shelf has a simple, elegant look that is easily tailored to different settings. Simply pick a gallery shelf in a style of your choice, mount it on the wall, and start decorating.


The perfect decoration space for photos, plants, and small decorations

Everyone needs a bit of personality in the home, be it a photo or a special design piece. With a gallery shelf, your decorations can be as simple or as bold as you want them to be. Showcase an entire collection of statuettes or use only one. Fill them with plants and flowers, and personalise your space, whether that means black and white or lots of colour.

One of the benefits of a gallery shelf is its simplicity; it complements every room. Personalise it in whatever way you choose and use it where it’s needed. Maybe it’s time to give the cocktail glasses a proper space in the kitchen? Or perhaps you need a good spot for your collection of vintage toys?

What’s great about a gallery shelf is how adaptable it is. It’s great for adults but also works wonders in the kids’ room, where it can store special items safely out of reach.   


A gallery shelf fit for multiple purposes

Yet, while a gallery shelf is a natural place for decorations, it can also serve a more practical purpose. Use it for storing your pens and markers in your home office or for keeping your cooking ingredients close by in the kitchen. Get stuff out of the cupboards and onto the wall. There are many options - and many ways to make it look good. By placing the items in decorative holders like glass jars, retro tins, and ceramic cups, you can be practical yet stylish.

A gallery shelf also goes well with other types of home décor. Hang it alongside one or more magnetic circle boards and let them complement each other, or put it near the notice board in the office so you have more room to be organised. There are numerous ways to combine your gallery shelf with other interiors.


What is the difference between a gallery shelf and a normal shelf?
Unlike a traditional shelf, a gallery shelf is designed as an exhibition space. While the intention is for it to be decorative, there are no set rules, and it can be as practical and as creative as you want it to be. Adorn it with photos, plants, art prints – or anything in-between.

What materials are NAGA’s gallery shelves made of?
Our gallery shelf is made in black and white metal, giving the shelves an elegant and pure expression, which goes well in most rooms.

Why choose a gallery shelf?
With a gallery shelf on the wall, you can decorate your home with plants, ornaments, and personal items. It's an amazing, yet practical way to decorate and personalise your home.