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Save up to 70% in our home décor sale

Find your next favourite piece of interior for your home by exploring our selection of discontinued products at competitive prices, including sales from our regular range. How about getting a magnetic glass board for the home or the office? Thanks to our super strong magnets you can attach decorative and practical items to its surface, which enables you to be both practical and creative. With board markers, it’s even possible to write and draw.

In NAGA’s outlet, there's a lot to choose from and the options are always growing!


Find your next magnetic board in our home décor sale

At NAGA, we specialise in home décor for the wall. Since we keep coming up with new designs, there will be times when we discontinue models from our regular selection. They are then put on sale in our outlet for reduced prices. This gives our customers the opportunity to purchase high-quality home décor like magnetic boards in different shapes and sizes, along with board accessories at huge discounts.

Get circle boards in terrazzo style, squared glass boards in bright green, or magnetic hooks for the hall or the bathroom – our sale has something for every taste. You may already own several NAGA products and simply need to stock up on board tape and magnets, or you are looking to get your first notice board. Our home décor is suitable for homes as well as workplaces.


Innovative wall decorations with practical perks

One of the benefits of our home décor sale is, aside from the prices, is the chance to get something unique at half the price. We have smiley magnets, letters, and symbols for retro letter boards, super-strong magnetics in leather, a monthly planner in French – just to name a few. And next week it might be something else.

Common to all NAGA’s home décor is its aesthetic look and practical functions. No matter what you choose, there is always more than one way of using it and our magnetic boards are a prime example of this. For some they adorn the walls like paintings, to others they are planning tools to organise the week. They are easily tailored and with their magnetic effect and write-on and write-off function, everything you do can be taken down and wiped off again, enabling you to change how you use your magnetic board over time.

Browse through our home décor sale to get inspiration for your next piece for the home. Our selection is always changing.


How much can I save in your outlet?
You can save at least 50 percent on selected items, so make sure you browse through our sale on a regular basis to avoid missing out.

What do you offer in your outlet?
Our outlet consists of products that will soon be discontinued from our main selection, as well as normal discounted items. As these are subject to change, each month brings something new to the outlet.

Why choose products on sale?
A discounted item is as good quality as any other NAGA product. The sale enables you to get more for your money. Then it’s also a great way of trying something new.