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Whiteboard accessories


Here you will find a range of accessories especially suitable for business boards.



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Brighten up your workday with whiteboard markers and whiteboard markers

In NAGA Business we have an exciting selection of accessories for your whiteboard, which is suitable for you who use your whiteboard for business. A large whiteboard requires big ideas, and you can best bring them into play with a whiteboard marker that matches the material of the board. Even if it's made of glass, for example, we offer an exciting selection of whiteboard markers in different colors.

We have whiteboard sponges for the glass board as well as the usual whiteboard accessories - such as microfiber cloths and whiteboard tape so you can divide and structure your board yourself. Everything you need to get ideas flowing in the workplace.

With whiteboard accessories from NAGA Business, you can start the week with order and clarity. Start the day by writing down the week's most important tasks with a whiteboard marker on your office or company whiteboard where everyone can see it. And if you have a glass magnetic board, it allows you to use eye-catching colors with whiteboard markers in a variety of shades. Draw patterns, connect the dots and structure your week's tasks.

Our whiteboard markers, whiteboard markers and large whiteboards for business equip you for modern working life, where plans change and new systems are adopted. That's why everything you write or draw can be easily erased with a whiteboard sponge. A whiteboard always gives you a fresh start.

And should the board need a more thorough cleaning, just get out your bottle of whiteboard cleaner, spray it on the surface and wipe it with a cloth. It will shine like new again.

Supplement with powerful magnets

In addition to our whiteboard markers and whiteboard markers, NAGA's whiteboard accessories also offer plenty of stylish magnets suitable for business use. Here we are particularly known for our steel magnets, which are available in cubes, cylinders and classic squares. They're super strong, meaning they have enough strength to stick through glass boards, while still working for a regular whiteboard.

If your business is a bit of a playground, you'll find creative magnets for all purposes in our full range. We have a wide range, and as a business customer, you can complement our specially designed magnets for business boards with fun characters. Welcome the animal kingdom with butterflies, ladybirds, owls and elephants. Choose from subtle light wood or bold colors. Use them for theme days, social events - or just for fun and games.

If you don't yet know your company's needs, we recommend our starter kit. You'll get a complete kit with everything you need to use your board professionally in your business.

What kind of accessories are available for a whiteboard?
For your whiteboard, you can get everything from colorful markers, board sponges, board cleaner, holders, and magnets. If you want to be extra creative, you can also add our chalkboard tape and design your own planning board.

Why choose whiteboard accessories?
Without whiteboard markers, markers and magnets, it's difficult to initiate plans and ideas on the board. That's why our accessories make it easier for you to communicate in the workplace. Hang, write, draw and pin. Our accessories can do it all.

Can your whiteboard markers be used on glass boards?
Yes. At NAGA, we have a wide range of whiteboard glass markers in different colors that are especially suitable for glass. They are water-based on liquid chalk and therefore easy to erase. NAGA glass board markers write and draw more clearly than a standard whiteboard marker and can be used on both glass and whiteboards.