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Key cabinets

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Give your keys a permanent home with a magnetic key cabinet

With a magnetic key cabinet from NAGA, misplaced keys are a thing of the past. By getting them a proper home on your wall, everyone in the household has a dedicated place to put their keys. Name them by using Dymo text labels or a white marker so everyone knows what they open, and who they belong to.

Thanks to its magnetic surface, you can attach things with super-strong magnets to the cabinet door for decorative or practical purposes. Exhibit family photos, postcards or quirky magnets and make it your own. And should you choose our glas or mirror cabinet, you even get to write and draw on it with chalk markers, which is easy to wipe off.


Decorative key cabinet in glass or oak

Our key cabinet can hold up to 50 keys. That may seem like a lot, but in a large family or in a professional business, things add up. Even in smaller households, it’s useful to have somewhere safe to tuck away spare keys and personal belongings. Simply put them on a key ring in metal and hang them on the hooks inside the key cabinet.

The idea is simple: Choosing a practical item does not need to come at the expense of homely bliss. That’s why all our key cabinets are offered in quality materials like oak veneer, white or black glass, and mirror glass. All are magnetic, and all look great on the wall. Because the key cabinet is a decoration and a storage unit all in one, it allows you to incorporate it in the wider style of the house’s interior without compromising on storage space.


Get organised in stylish fashion

When opened, a key cabinet offers an organised approach to storing keys, for the home or the office. Put a system in place, so everyone knows where to find the keys for the shed, the car, their bicycles, or the garage and invent your own routine as a family. Write names or places above each of the hooks in the key cabinet by using Dymo text labels or a white marker.

And when the cabinet door is closed, the magnetic effect enables you to stick decorative or practical items to its surface with super-strong magnets. This gives plenty of opportunities. How about turning your key cabinet into a display of photos and postcards so you are always greeted by something nice when coming home? Or, maybe you need it as a notice board in the hallway? The choices are many and only you set the rules.


How do you use a key cabinet?
Our key cabinet has two functions: to store keys and to decorate. When opened, the key cabinet allows you to put your keys on the hooks, which can be named by using text labels or a white marker, but when closed, the door’s magnetic function turns it into a board. Use it as a traditional notice board or personalise it with unique decorations.

What are the benefits of having a magnetic key cabinet?
A key cabinet from NAGA is the ideal solution for those wanting a decorative storage space with many uses. Stick magnets to the cabinet door, store your keys on the hooks and get organized.

What material is the key cabinet made of?
We produce our key cabinets in quality materials like oak veneer, black or white glass, and mirror glass – all of which are magnetic.