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Weekly planners

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With a practical week planner life is easy

Get an overview of the week’s tasks and activities with an elegant week planner in glass, or with a traditional whiteboard or planning pad.

Each week planner offers a simple way of organising your day-to-day affairs - and with many of them being magnetic, you have plenty of ways to do it. Fill in the space next to each of the weekdays, starting from Monday, or attach invitations, tickets, and other items with magnets.

Offered in several European languages, including English, German and French, our week planner is suitable for a wide range of homes and companies. Its trademark protected design means our boards are unique. Browse through our range to find one that suits your needs.


A week planner to suit your style  

NAGA’s week planners come in a variety of materials, colours, and sizes. Our classic planners in white or black glass go well next to other magnetic boards, giving them a decorative as well as practical purpose. With their write-on and wipe-off function, writing down notes and shopping lists is straightforward. Use a board marker in a variety of colours to brighten up the board and wipe it off with a cloth or eraser when it’s time for a change. If you get metal rings they even attach to the magnetic surface, making it hard to misplace them.  

If you are in search of something a little more traditional, we also offer A4 planning pads in paper. Place them on a planning board in metal or use them separately and start jotting down your plans to get ready for the week. And once you run out of space, you just purchase a new pad. Nice and easy. 


Week planning for work or leisure

There are many things to plan for and countless ways to do it. Some want an overview of the weekly dinner menu; others are looking for a simple way to keep track of cultural events and social outings. What’s amazing about a week planner is that it caters to all, whether you are a freelancer in need of a practical tool to remember project deadlines and client meetings, or a busy professional juggling too many activities. And they work wonders for families too. 

Because it’s a weekly rather than monthly planning tool, it’s a simpler way of getting organised as it saves you from the stress of thinking too much in advance. Use it for immediate tasks and events for the near future.   


How do you use a week planner?
Using a week planner is simple. Just fill in the space underneath or next to each of the weekdays, starting with Monday – and when the week is over you simply erase and start again.

What is a week planner?
A week planner is a board that gives an overview of tasks, activities, appointments, etc. It’s an easy way to organise your day-to-day life, at home or at work.

Why choose a week planner?
With a week planner, you get a practical decoration that eases organisation and planning. Attach documents and invitations to the board (if magnetic) by using super strong magnets, or write and draw with board markers in different colours.