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Explore our selection of reimagined letter boards, pin boards, chalk boards, and organisers

If you have a soft spot for retro products, then our range of traditional boards might be the right place to find something special for your home. Our range boasts a choice of traditional and modernised boards, which are great for adding a nostalgic ambiance in the home or at work.

Get a letter board for the kids’ room, living room, or kitchen. This way, you can communicate fun messages, quotes, and noting down dinner plans. We also have pin boards for planning or decorating, as well as chalk boards and creative organisers.


A traditional chalk board with a magnetic effect

At NAGA, we are good at combining the old with the new. Since 1977, we have designed pin boards and while we still make our traditional boards, we have upscaled many of the original designs to cater to modern needs. Yet, all our products still have a retro quality to them.

With our chalk board you get the quirky school look that many people are after, but with the added benefit of having a magnetic effect – a simple upgrade. This gives you more options as you can both write with chalk and attach decorative and practical items with magnets. Plan your week, jot down reminders, or use the chalk board for decorating.

Framed in light wood, our chalk board easily blends into most rooms. Hang it next to a modern week planner or let it be a creative decoration of its own. A chalk board can be as childish or as serious as you want it to be.  


Get new inspiration with a pin board, letter board or organiser

But if chalk isn’t your thing, you can use a pin board to attach things with pins in different colours. Use it as a notice board by displaying reminders, documents, and invitations, or let it be a creative space for exhibiting drawings, art prints, and inspiring articles. Our pin board comes in many styles and sizes, from dark cork to light hessian in a wooden frame. Pick one that takes your fancy and tailor it to your needs.

You can also skip the chalk and pins altogether by choosing a letter board, which enables you to stick letters and symbols onto the board. An easy and fun way to display messages, quotes, and motivational statements.

Everything in our retro selection can be used for practical, decorative, and creative purposes. Store items on grid organisers, write on the chalk board, or be imaginative with pins and letters. What you use it for is up to you.


Can you write on your pin board, chalk board, and letter board?
You can’t write directly on a pin board or letter board, but you have many other options. Use pins to attach decorative or practical elements to your pin board and put words on the letter board by using symbols and letters. If you are set on writing directly on your board, then a chalk board is what you need. This can be written on with chalk, which is easily wiped off with an eraser.

How do I choose the right board for me?
When choosing between a pin board, chalk board, letter board, and organiser, it’s important to ask yourself what you want to use it for. If you seek more structure, then a traditional pin board might be something. If, on the other hand, you are keen on doing more fun, educational activities with your children, then you might want to explore a letter board or a chalk board. There are many options.

What are the benefits of a retro board?
Our retro board is great if you want something a little different. Like our modern glass boards, a traditional board can be used for decorative as well as practical purposes. There are few limitations, which is what makes them so unique.