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Hexagon boards

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Freestyle with a hexagon magnetic board

Magnetic hexagon boards stand out with their angular shapes and are perfect when assembled. With a wide range of materials and colours to choose from, you can combine different styles and create a special look on your wall.

Our hexagon magnetic board is produced in glass— both coloured and plain, giving you the option of using it as a notice board or decoration. We also make them in high-quality plywood, a natural material with its own unique texture. You can even get a hexagon board that works as a mirror. 


Get the look that you want

The hexagon magnetic board is compatible with super-strong magnets, meaning you can attach as many or as few items as you want to its surface, in a range of styles. Depending on your choice of material, some even have a write-on and wipe-off function. This gives you the option to decorate your magnetic board with drawings, quotes, and simple messages. Put simply: You can get exactly what you want.

Our hexagon magnet board comes in two different sizes, the small one measures 21 x 24cm and the big one measures 42 x 48.5 cm, adding a more dynamic look when you put them side by side. When you order one of our hexagonal magnetic boards, we deliver them to you in a nice gift box. It’s therefore the perfect present for loved ones.


A magnetic board with many uses

Our hexagon boards are not merely functional, they are interior design. Put them on the wall in a lively pattern and mix colours and materials, with or without attached items, to liven up the wall. You can even attach greenery to them by using a magnetic holder.

Keep your magnetic board clean so it doesn’t lose its shine by using a soft, microfiber cloth that will not damage the surface. This way you get a long-lasting piece of wall art that can be used for practical purposes too. Use magnets as hooks to hang your favourite jewellery, write yourself reminders on the glass, or store your pens in a magnetic holder – a hexagon board can take on many functions. It adapts to the room.

Think of the magnetic board as a piece of your own tailored puzzle. While they work great in homely surroundings, they are equally useful as office decorations. Pick one, or several, that suits your company’s ethos and surprise your colleagues with motivational messages – it makes the daily grind a little nicer.


Can I write on the board with markers?
You can write on all our hexagon boards with board markers, apart from those made from plywood, and you can also use super strong magnets. This gives you many options.

What materials are your magnetic hexagon boards made of?
Our hexagon boards are offered in glass, mirror, and plywood. These are all excellent materials of high quality.

Why choose a hexagon board from NAGA?
The hexagon shape stands out. It’s different, and it gives your wall a more unique expression.