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Personalise your magnetic board with dependable accessories

With NAGA’s wide selection of magnets, markers, and other board essentials, it’s easy to tailor your magnetic board to your needs. Choose between classic whiteboard markers, glass markers in gold and silver, as well as other colourful solutions. Combine them with anything from steel magnets to elephants made of wood – we have something for every taste. Whether you are looking to upscale the magnetic board in the office with glass magnets or want to declutter your home by getting holders to store pens and small plants on your magnetic board.


Choose what is right for you

When choosing your accessories, it’s important to know what is compatible with your board. This is determined by the material and what you wish to use it for. If you have a glass board, only super strong magnets will do, but with the classic whiteboard, normal ones are just fine. Similarly, we recommend using dry or wet chalk markers for glass. They are of better quality and easily wiped off, so they don’t damage the surface of your magnetic board.

Ultimately, what you choose will depend on what its end use is. If you use your magnetic board in the office, you may need something simple – white and black markers, holders for pens, cloths for cleaning. If you use it as decorative décor, you may want something that stands out. That’s why NAGA offers accessories that go on all walls. From the kids’ playroom to the busy kitchen. We do hexagon shapes, circles, squares, and cubes – all in different materials and colours.


Use accessories to decorate your magnetic board

With magnetic board accessories, you also get the opportunity to be creative. Maybe your kids or grandchildren want to use the board to practice their drawing skills? Or perhaps it’s time to do something about that empty magnetic board in the living room? The great thing about our markers is that they are easily wiped off with an eraser. Write on your magnetic board, attach things with magnets and take it all down if you wish – nothing is permanent.

If you long to decorate your home with greenery our metal holders and magnetic boxes can be used for small plants like cacti. Hang small twigs of pine from your magnets or put a framed flower on display. What you use it for is up to you. It can be as messy and as organised as you want it to be. Only your imagination sets the rules. 


How do I choose the right accessories for my board?
If you know what kind of surface you need to use your accessories for, then it’s easy. All our products have clear specifications on their product page, making it easy to know if they are suitable for your specific needs. Most of our glass markers, for instance, can be used on whiteboards and other surfaces too. Once you know what works, simply find the colour and style that you like and add it to your basket.

What accessories can I get for my board?
At NAGA, we sell dependable accessories that can be used in a decorative fashion or a practical one. Choose between our super strong magnets in a wealth of shapes and colours, board markers for glass and traditional whiteboards, as well as other board essentials like erasers, holders and cleaning equipment.

Why choose accessories for your board?
Accessories are important because they enable you to attach items to your magnetic board, write on your board (if applicable), and decorate it to suit the style of your home or office. They are also very practical as most of our accessories can go directly on the magnetic surface, allowing you to store your board essentials in one place.