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A magnetic mirror gives you options

A magnetic mirror from NAGA is for much more than looking at yourself. While it fulfills its essential purpose of providing an image of the beholder’s reflection, its magnetic surface and handy write-on and wipe-off function open many creative opportunities. Use your magnetic mirror when you get ready in the morning. Jot down inspiring words or draw with a chalk marker in a colour of your choice. Or, attach decorative elements with super strong magnets to add personality to your board.

With a magnetic mirror, nothing needs to stay the same. Combine it with other boards in different shapes, colours, and sizes to get an aesthetic effect, on the shelves or on the wall.


Tailor to every room

The biggest perk of a magnetic mirror is how adaptable it is. In the living room, its glass surface can add a touch of elegance to the wall - alongside other glass boards or on its own. Since the magnetic mirror is available in various shades and sizes, circular or hexagonal, it’s easy to create a dynamic look, especially when making use of all its functions. Adorn with photos, postcards, small art prints, or other items of your choosing.

Write. Draw. Brighten up with colourful magnets that look great on their own. There is so much you can do.

Keep it for its original purpose: as a mirror. Or use it as a notice board alongside a week planner in the kitchen. What’s great about a magnetic mirror is that everything you write with a board marker is easily wiped off again, giving you room to experiment.  


Magnetic mirror, notice board, and decoration

You can get our magnetic mirror in classic, reflective glass, but it’s also possible to choose a bronze-tinted or graphite tinted surface, adding a warmer look to your home. When placed next to other mirrors, they take on a life of their own, proving their decorative potential. You can even position them on your shelves.

A magnetic mirror is very versatile, meaning the mirror can work for any room and fall into different hands over time. While a teenager might use it for trying out new hairstyles, an office worker might use it for putting up reminders, while taking a sneak peek at themselves before their next meeting.  

Keeping your magnetic mirror clean is simple too. Use board cleaner or glass cleaner with a soft microfiber cloth that protects the glass from scratching and keeps it healthy.


What can you put on a magnetic mirror?
A magnetic mirror enables you to attach decorative or practical items with super strong magnets. At the same time, you can write on it with board markers, which is easily wiped off again with a cloth or eraser.

What is the difference between a normal mirror and a magnetic mirror?
While both type of mirrors can be used to look at yourself, a magnetic mirror gives you many more options: Write on the surface with board markers and attach things with super strong magnets.

Why choose a magnetic mirror?
A magnetic mirror is ideal for those who want an aesthetic item with many uses. Put simply, a magnetic mirror can be whatever you want it to be. Decoration, notice board, photo display, or simply a mirror.