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Glass boards

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A practical glass board with everyday allure

NAGA’s magnetic glass board is a reinvention of the classic whiteboard. It has all the same features but with the added benefit of being decorative. Write on it with glass markers in a multitude of colours to organise your week at home or in the office, showcase your drawing talents or keep track of your kids’ playdates.

The best thing about a glass board is that it has many functions. Embellish its elegant surface with decorative items by attaching them with super strong magnets designed for glass and choose between funny animal shapes, golden squares, red velour and everything in-between.


The classic whiteboard reimagined

With NAGA’s glass board there is no more rummaging through dusty drawers and searching in the cupboards. Putting the essentials on the wall frees up space while making life a little easier – and it looks good.

Since each glass board comes in different sizes, from small design accessories to large planning tools for the office, there are many opportunities to tailor it to your specific needs. If you change your mind, you simply take down your magnets, wipe off words and lines and start over. It allows you to be inventive, creative, and forward-looking. Create mood boards, storyboards, and meal planners. Write a weekly to-do list and adapt it as plans and projects change. Practice your kids’ drawing skills by letting them put their stamp on the board with colourful chalk markers – or test your own.


A glass board is a stamp of quality

At NAGA we care about quality – that’s why we give a lifetime warranty on all our glass surfaces. When purchasing from NAGA, you can rest assured that both your board and our customer service is of a high standard. On our product pages, we include tips on how to keep your board clean. We also have videos to help you mount your glass board to the wall in a few simple steps - and if you ever have any questions, we are happy to help.

Glass is an elegant material. It can be understated by choosing a neutral colour and decorating it sparingly, but it can be equally bold and colourful. Hang them side by side as decorations and attach cards, pictures and old photographs. Use them as notice boards in the hallway to keep the whole family up to speed. There are as many options as there are glass boards. 


Can I write on a glass board?
Yes. You can write on all our glass boards with our quality chalk markers in black, white and other colours – we even have gold. Everything you write is easily wiped off with a cloth or eraser.

What can I attach to the glass board?
The short answer: anything you like. As long as it can be attached to a magnet. Just make sure you use super strong magnets as normal ones can’t attach through the glass.

Why choose a glass board?
The benefit of a glass board is its elegant look, quality material and high functionality. It can serve as a decorative item on the wall, as well as a notice board, week planner or brainstorming tool.