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Letter Boards

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Get creative with a letter board

A letter board is easy to use, the ideal solution for those who want to get creative but without getting chalk or ink on their hands. With its endless opportunities for putting together words and symbols, you can personalise the home with motivational quotes, smileys, and funny anecdotes. Since the letter board has a simple, timeless design, it never falls out of fashion.

And it’s not just in the home where a letter board is handy. It is equally useful for businesses as it can help you give your customers a more unique experience when they visit your shop or restaurant. Jot down offers, daily menus or inspiring statements - a great way of showcasing what you, and your business, is all about.  


Personalise your home, teach your kids the alphabet, or decorate

To some, a letter board seems destined for the playroom, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, letter boards are widely used for a variety of purposes, from retro-looking wall decorations to informative notice boards. Use them to personalise your home by putting together words that mean something to you. Hang it in the kitchen and let people have fun when they are waiting for food to cook or plan your weekly lunches and dinners.  

NAGA’s letter board is made of black felt and comes in a wooden frame. It includes 149 letters so you can get creative right away. Purchase additional sets of letters, or personalise your board with letters in different sizes, symbols, and icons to get a livelier look.

We also offer ready-made words like love, joy, and adventure that can go up on the board straight away.


A letter board is constantly evolving

With a letter board, things never have to stay the same. Some weeks you might want a motivational quote on your wall to remind yourself what you are grateful for, other weeks are for joy and laughter. Sometimes, you might just want to jumble it all up. But, that’s not a problem when you have a letter board. You can start over as often as you want.  

This ability to regularly change words is also what makes a letter board highly suitable for the service industry. If you are a small, quirky restaurant, a letter board is the perfect way to advertise the daily menu or put a smile on your customers faces with fun-loving quotes and statements.


Can I write on a letter board?
Yes and no. You can’t use markers on the board, only the letters and symbols that attach to the black felt material. However, this enables you to put together your letters to form words, which is writing in its own way.

What is the letter board made of?
Our letter boards are made of black felt and come in a wooden frame, which gives them a simple, natural look.

Why choose a letter board?
A letter board is an easy way to get creative. You can constantly put together new words and symbols to personalise your board. Nothing is set.