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Markers and whiteboard markers

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High-quality board markers to suit your needs

With board markers from NAGA, you can turn your magnetic board into a place of possibilities. Write motivational quotes, weekly plans, project deadlines, and other important dates to stay on track. Brainstorm new ideas. Draw in different shapes and colours.

And when your plans change, you simply wipe it off with a cloth or eraser. That’s the best thing about having a magnetic board - you can always start again, so there is no need for perfection. Try out different styles and activities with your board markers to see what works for you. 


Board markers of the highest quality

NAGA’s board markers are ideal for decorating and writing on glass, whiteboards, windows, glossy boards, mirrors and almost all non-porous surfaces. Use them to brighten up a blank space or to remind yourself of birthdays and upcoming family events. You can be as practical or creative as you wish and with a magnetic holder for your markers, they are never far away.

Our board markers are based on liquid-chalk, making them an excellent way for your writing to be seen. They come in an array of colours, from gold to bright pink, and enable you to write messages, brainstorm with colleagues or jot down meal plans in the kitchen.

When browsing through our page you will notice the words ‘dry erase’ and ‘wet erase’ – this refers to how the chalk is cleaned off your board. With dry erase, you can use a dry cloth or eraser, whereas writing from a wet erase marker is only wiped off with a wet cloth. You can find a demonstration of this in our video guides when viewing the products.


Plan your week, get organised - or simply have fun
With board markers from NAGA, it’s easy to keep track of chores and get more the day-to-day structure. Use our high-quality chalk markers to write on magnetic boards and mix it up with different colours. If you need it for planning and reminding yourself about upcoming deadlines and events, why not use a pink board marker that stands out? By applying different shades, you get a better overview of the week’s priorities, while at the same time generating a more dynamic look on the wall.

If, on the other hand, your board is purely decorative, board markers can help you create the style you are after by adding colours that go with your other interiors. Hone your creative skills, alone or with family, to fill your magnetic board with illustrations. 


Can I use the board markers on glass?
Yes, all of our board markers also whiteboard markers can be used on your glass board. Glass board markers are just more intensive colors than ordenary whiteboard markers. Get them in a variety of colours and get started.

How do I use a board marker?
To use our chalk markers, simply start out by shaking with the cap on before pumping the nib until it fills with ink. You do this by pressing it gently onto something. Once the liquid ink comes out, you are ready to write on your board. When done, wipe it off with a dry or wet cloth, depending on your style of marker. Easy.

Why choose board markers?
Board markers are a great way of reducing your paper usage as it allows you to write and wipe off again in an easy way. So, whether you need it for work or for leisure, a board marker is bound to be useful. Write with them or draw – it’s up to you.