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Magnetic boards

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A magnetic board for the imagination

Add a personal touch to your home or office with a magnetic board from NAGA. This multipurpose tool is a modern version of the traditional whiteboard, designed to be practical, decorative, and versatile. Attach papers, photos, and other visuals with magnets, write on it with markers, or adorn your board with drawings.

With a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes and colours, a magnetic board can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to boost productivity with a monthly planner, having fun with the kids or getting into interior design – a magnetic board has many uses.  


Boost productivity, decorate your home or plan ahead

Choose between rustic metal in earthy colours or a board in glass and make it your own. Put it on the wall in your office or your company’s meeting room or place it in the heart of your home in a style of your choosing. With a magnetic board, nothing is fixed. Think of it as a blank canvas. You can write and draw on the glass surface with board markers in a multitude of colours, which is then easily wiped off with a chalkboard eraser or a microfiber cloth. All our boards allow you to decorate by attaching decorative items with super strong magnets.  

With NAGA, there is something for every room, from dynamic circle boards for the kitchen to our monthly planner in glass for the office. In squares, hexagons, and circles, big and small. You can think outside the box or stay put within it – a magnetic board gives you options. Use it as a traditional whiteboard to boost productivity at home or at work or use it to personalise your wall.


A magnetic board rooted in Danish traditions

At NAGA, we develop and design all our boards in Denmark where we strive to carry on our proud legacy. NAGA’s magnetic board is the result of a reimagined version of our notice board from the 1970s and today we have one of Europe’s biggest selections of boards. What is special about them is the way they combine the decorative with the practical by being products with high functionality.

Our magnet boards have the clean lines and natural look often found in Danish design. They help solve problems by serving a clear purpose while adding to the interior style of the room. But the best thing is that you can put your own stamp on them.


What can I put on a magnetic board?
Adorn your magnetic board with anything you like, from photos to important documents. All NAGA’s boards are compatible with our super magnets, which are designed to attach through glass.

What is a magnetic board?
A magnetic board is a modern version of the classic whiteboard designed in glass, wood or metal. You can attach papers to the board with magnets and write on most of the magnetic surfaces with board markers in different colours. It’s decorative as well as practical.

What is the difference between a magnetic board and a notice board?
Traditional notice boards are usually made of cork or hessian. Unlike a magnetic board, these use pins rather than magnets and cannot be written on.