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Flip chart boards

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NAGA offers a wide range of high-quality flip chart boards

Flip chart boards are an indispensable resource in any modern workplace or meeting room. At NAGA, we offer a wide selection of flip chart boards and stands designed to meet every need. Whether you're looking for a flip chart board for daily office use or for important presentations and meetings, you can rely on NAGA to provide reliable and functional solutions that help promote efficiency and creativity in the workplace.

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Practical flip chart stands

Our flip chart stands are made of durable materials and are easy to adjust. The stands can be folded or disassembled, taking up minimal space and easily stored away when not in use. This frees up floor space and reduces clutter in the office or meeting room. For this reason, they are also ideal for transportation and perfect for taking to courses and conferences.

An excellent choice for the traveling salesperson or presenter is our flip chart stand made of recycled paper. Thanks to the materials used, it has an extremely lightweight of only 3 kg. It couldn't be easier to bring your own flip chart board!

Mobile flip chart boards with many features

With our mobile flip chart boards, you can easily move your presentations and brainstorming sessions to different places in the office or meeting room as needed. This makes it easy to adapt to different meeting situations and allows multiple people to gather around the board to work on projects, share ideas, and solve problems together.

Several of our flip chart boards are multifunctional, meaning you can also choose to use them as mobile whiteboards if you run out of flip chart paper or simply prefer to erase your text. As something special, you can also convert some of our mobile flip chart boards into a mobile desk, for example, for standing work or for placing a PC or similar during presentations.

The possibilities are many with our mobile flip chart boards!



Can I buy flip chart paper at NAGA?

To ensure you have everything you need to get started with your flip chart board, we also offer high-quality flip chart paper. Our Bantex flip chart pads come with 20 sheets of blank/squared flip chart paper that fit most flip chart boards and stands. With the Swan Label and EU Ecolabel, our flip chart paper is also an environmentally friendly choice.

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