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Explore the world with a wall map

Dream yourself away to far flung destinations from the comfort of your home and get inspiration for your next big trip. With a wall map from NAGA, you can have the whole world, or just a slice of it, close by. Choose between a broad selection of styles, from the traditional world map with pins to mark visited countries, to a scratch map where you scratch off each place as you go.

Pick a wall map in different colours, black and silver, or black and white. And if you don’t intend to wander too far, we have wall maps of Denmark, Scandinavia, and Europe. These are useful for trip planning as you will be able to see more towns and cities.


Get inspired and dream big

It can be hard to set goals without a vision, which is why a wall map is an excellent purchase for those needing more inspiration. With a clear overview of all the countries out there, it’s much easier to expand on your dreams and envision the future – and it’s also a nice decoration for your wall. Get it in magnetic glass, as a laminated poster, or in a nice frame.

Personalise your map by marking the places you have already visited, or the places you want to visit. Depending on the type of map, this can be done by writing with a board marker, using map pins, or by scratching it off with a coin.


A wall map for planning and for education

If you already have a trip in mind, a wall map can help you connect the dots. Set out the route of your interrail, hiking holiday, or bicycle adventure and see where it takes you. With different maps to choose from, you have many options. Write notes and ideas with board markers, attach inspirational items with magnets or use string to connect countries with red push pins.

Our world map is also available to children. This colourful vision of the world is full of life and colours, with animals grazing on land and fish swimming in the sea, each used to reveal some facts about the countries – like Chinese pandas and North American bison. A wall map can therefore be a great educational tool for parents and teachers alike. Put it in the classroom or in your kid’s bedroom to teach them about the wider world – and learn a thing or two yourself.


Can I write on the wall map with markers?
Each of our wall maps has a different function. While some of them have a write-on and write-off function, allowing you to write on them with board markers, others are scratch maps or can be used with map pins. Please check the product description before purchasing.

What kinds of wall maps do you offer?
At NAGA, we design maps of Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe, and the world. Our maps come in different styles, from magnetic glass to large scratch posters. We have something for everyone.

Why choose a wall map?
A wall map is a great way to get inspiration for your next trip – and then it’s looks great on your wall. Use it to plan holidays, as decoration, or as a conversation starter with guests. It has plenty of uses.