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Wicker shelves

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Embrace nature with a wicker shelf in natural colours

Put a green stamp on your interior with a wicker shelf in light, earthy tones. Made from water hyacinth, a plant frequently used for making crafty home décor, the wicker shelf has a natural, unpolished look that is ideal for creating a warm ambience in the room. Put it in the conservatory, holiday home, or in a rustic kitchen – and complete the style by placing plants on the shelf.

What’s good about a wicker shelf is its decorative appearance. There is no need to load it with multiple items as it looks great on its own. A couple of small plants or ornaments is enough to unlock its potential.


Let your creativity unfold

NAGA’s wicker piece is round and comes with one or two shelves. Its natural material goes well with plants, flowers, and other greenery. If you really want to be creative, then it’s possible to use a cord or string to attach free-floating objects to the wicker shelf.  Place the shelf on a brick wall for a rawer style or add new life to a white wall.

If you have a shed, creative workspace, or a home office in the garden, a wicker shelf can make your daily life a little cosier. It’s perfect for wooden surfaces and enhances the character of the room. And if you are working on something that is still in the project phase, you can decorate your wicker shelf with inspirational items to guide your vision. A wicker shelf is, therefore, suitable for various purposes and various rooms – all it requires is your imagination.


Switch off from every day with a wicker shelf

With work, social activities, and family commitments, life can be busy. Switch off from it all by using one or more wicker shelves to create a cosy atmosphere that promotes relaxation. Place a small pot with flowers on the wicker shelf, dim the electric lights and lean back on the couch with a nice cup of tea. You can even use incense burners with nature-like fragrances, thereby bringing a piece of the forest into the room. Let the green leaves sprout from your plants as you sink deeper into the cushions: a wicker shelf equals tranquillity.

At NAGA, we specialise in home décor for the wall. All our products have high functionality with the added perk of being easily tailored to suit different needs – and the wicker shelf is no exception. Whether you want a discrete storage solution in natural materials or are planning on adorning the entire wall with decorations and greenery, our shelf will meet your needs.


How do you best clean a wicker shelf?
Keep your wicker shelf clean by dusting with a brush or using a hoover and washing it with a cloth. Because of its natural material, it’s important you leave it to dry before placing items on the shelf again.

What material is NAGA’s wicker shelf made of?
Our wicker shelf is made from water hyacinth, a plant frequently used for making crafty home décor. The material gives it a natural, unrefined look.

Why choose a wicker shelf?
A wicker shelf gives the room a more rustic and natural expression and is easily decorated with plants and other greenery. The perfect solution for those who love nature.