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Circle Boards

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A magnetic board fit for the everyday

With a circle board from NAGA, you get a piece of decorative home décor that is easily tailored to the room. Because they come in a variety of colours, materials and sizes, they can be used for many purposes - from notice boards and meal planners to photo displays and stylish accessories. The great thing about a magnetic board from NAGA is its functionality.

Our circle board comes in glass, metal, and different types of wood - from our smallest boards measuring 25 cm to our largest at 80 cm. Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common: They attract super strong magnets.


No magnetic board is the same

By using magnets in a style and colour that you like, a simple circle board can turn into a personal statement. Equally, that same circle board can be used to store your practical essentials in magnetic boxes. With our designs available in colours ranging from pastel to dark and earthy, you get a lot of options. Use your magnetic board as wall art or use it as a weekly planner in the office, at work or at home. Their versatility is their strength.

Break up the soft, circular shape by decorating its surface with angular steel magnets in colours of your choice or brighten up a colourless board with something bright. You can also attach photos, invitations, and other items to the surface, thereby giving it a more personal look. With magnets like ladybirds, elephants, and pandas there is even something for the animal-lovers.


A place to store the essentials

Whether you have an office or a creative workspace for your arts and crafts, a circle magnetic board can help you get organised. Due to their magnetic surface, you can attach magnetic boxes for pens, important papers, scissors, and brushes – and if you choose a glass board, there is the added option of writing on the surface with a board marker. This enables you to be practical by storing your practical and creative essentials in magnetic holders on the board.

If that isn't your thing, then you might want to put together circle boards in different materials and colours to give your wall a vibrant look. How about pairing a green glass board with circles of oak and walnut? Or using our beautiful circle board mirrors in the bathroom? 

A magnetic board has many uses and by choosing a circle shape you get a decorative item in quality materials boasting endless opportunities.


How do I use a magnetic circle board?
A magnetic circle board can be used as a decorative ornament in the home or in the office, but it also works as a modern whiteboard due to its magnetic function - and the ability to write on its glass surface. Use it to plan, brainstorm, and organise your day.

What material is the circle board made of?
Our circle boards are produced in glass, metal and plywood in an array of sizes and colours.

Why choose a magnetic circle board from NAGA?
If you choose a circle board from NAGA, you get high quality for a decent price. All our products with glass surfaces come with a lifetime warranty because we believe in our product.