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Solve your storage problems with a decorative wall organizer

Store your personal items in a decorative fashion with a wall organizer from NAGA. Instead of hiding away your precious belongings in the cupboard, where they take up space and get dusty, why not put them on a magnetic grid board? Let your scissors and small notebooks dangle from hooks and attach magnetic holders to maximise the wall organizer’s potential. You can also get a beautiful black storage board in metal with shelves and pecks for storage, which is ideal for holding larger items such as hobby kits.   

A wall organizer gives your wall a dynamic look with its varied shapes and original storage solutions. Furnish with flowers and plants and let yourself be inventive.  


A wall organizer fit for all

One of the benefits of a wall organiser is how multifaceted it is. For the crafty types, it enables you to keep your knitting tools in one place, so you always know where to find your yarn, sticks, and patterns. To others, it can be a simple way to declutter the home without needing to throw too much away. There are therefore many ways to use it - make it as decorative or as practical as you want.

NAGA’s wall organizer comes in three different designs. Our grid boards with hooks are the perfect choice if you like to get creative with a piece of home décor that has an industrial feel to it, while our classic organiser with pegs is superb for storing larger items because it comes with three shelves. Place them on the pegs and start decorating.   


Replenish your stock of hobby items without filling the drawers

When making things, it’s nice to have everything close by, whether you are assembling a new model aircraft or knitting a jumper for the winter - and with a wall organizer it’s easy to accomplish. Stock up on all the cord, yarn, nails, screws, and brushes you need for your hobby project, put them in jars and place them on the shelves - or fill up magnetic holders, which easily attach to the grid boards. The pegs and hooks even allow you to hang up work in progress or inspiring photos, magazine cuts, and articles to guide your work.

And it’s not just for hobbies a wall organizer is handy. In the office, it gives you a clutter-free desk with minimum effort. Get a place for your hard drive, USBs, headphones, other digital must-haves and decorate it with nice ornaments.


What is a wall organizer?
A wall organizer has been designed to store items in a decorative way on the wall. Unlike normal shelves, it gives you more options – hooks, magnets, pegs, etc. – to make it decorative and creative.

Where can I use a wall organizer?
NAGA’s wall organizer is suitable for the home, such as bedrooms, living rooms, home office and kitchens, but it can also be used in the workplace – any indoor space with a wall will do.

Why use a wall organizer?
With a wall organizer, you get to free up space in drawers and cupboards. It enables you to store items in a decorative way, making it a more creative approach to storing your belongings.