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Organise your day with a magnetic whiteboard

Our traditional whiteboard is the perfect tool for planning, organising, and generating new ideas. Suitable for the home as well as the office, a whiteboard is a must for anyone wanting more structure in their lives. Write on the surface with a board marker, which is easily wiped off with an eraser, and plan day-by-day or week-by-week – ideal for sorting out projects, meal plans, and activities.

But a magnetic whiteboard is also a fun space for the kids to be creative. They can draw and write their first words with colourful markers, learn new things, and use magnets to attach photos, homework projects, and birthday invitations.


Boost productivity by visualising your ideas

That’s why a traditional whiteboard is still relevant. It works for many age groups and gives you a dedicated space to jot down plans and ideas – an effective way of reducing everyday stresses. Even if you’re not much of a planner, a whiteboard can be a lot of fun as it’s up to you how you use it. Draw storyboards and mind maps. Solve algorithms. Brainstorm for your new work project. Or simply make a solid to-do list, so you know exactly what needs to get done throughout the week.

Our magnetic whiteboard comes in various sizes, from our smallest model fit for the kids’ room to a large one for the home office. Start the day by writing something inspiring to kickstart your productivity or by decorating your board in a new way – with magnets and board markers anything is possible.


A magnetic whiteboard for planning

Aside from our traditional range, we also offer a whiteboard week planner that is specially designed for organising chores and activities. With a square for each day, you simply note down your plans from Monday to Sunday and once the week comes to an end you wipe off and start again. This is handy for remembering playdates, social events, and upcoming sports activities, but it’s also a great way to get organised in the kitchen. Plan out your meals, write down vital ingredients, and make the weekday dinners a little easier.  

With our useful accessories, you can upscale your whiteboard by getting new magnets, colourful markers, and magnetic holders to store all your essentials. Not only does it free up space as you can keep what you need directly on the board, but it also gives you more to play with, making planning a little more fun.


How do you use a whiteboard?
A whiteboard can be used for a variety of purposes, from planning to teaching to pure fun. Some use it to visualise ideas for work projects, while others use it to add personality to the room by attaching photos, messages, and motivational quotes. The choice is yours.

What sizes do you offer?
Our smallest whiteboard is 45 centimetre long and has a width of 30, while our largest has a length of 90 centimetre. There are therefore many different solutions depending on your needs.

Why choose a traditional whiteboard?
A whiteboard is a great planning tool that is easily maintained. It works for children and adults alike, at home or in the office. Like the rest of NAGA’s products, it can be decorative, functional, and practical— all in one.