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Board accessories

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Useful board accessories for your magnetic board

Make sure you always have the essentials at hand by investing in board accessories, so your board is never left dusty again. Get magnetic holders in bamboo or metal, which is a great place for storing your board cleaner, eraser, or markers, and make good use of your magnetic board. With board accessories, you no longer need to take up unnecessary space in your drawers and can be more efficient with your time.

Because our magnetic boxes and holders are placed directly on your magnetic board, it’s possible to store all sorts of things – not just your board accessories. This saves you from filling up shelves and drawers unnecessarily, and you always have your daily essentials within easy reach.


A magnetic board calls for good board accessories

You can have the best board in the world, but without the essential necessities, it is unlikely to be used. This is because you need erasers and cloths to wipe off what you write and draw, magnetic holders, to store your items and keep things tidy, and a board cleaner to make the surface shine.

Rather than having to leave the room to get a pen as you sit by your desk, or a paintbrush for your art project, simply place them in a magnetic holder on the board directly in front of you. And cleaning is easy too. Just grab what you need from the holder, also on the board, and then you are good to go.

Board accessories are about making the most of the space you have on your wall while keeping your magnetic board in a good condition. The result is a product that is user-friendly, practical, and highly decorative. 


Never run out of pins, chalk, and letters again

If you own some of NAGA’s non-magnetic products, like our pin boards or chalk boards, you will also find plenty of board accessories that are relevant to you. Get map pins or push pins or stock up on chalk so you never have to run out again. If, on the other hand, you have one of our retro letter boards, we have plenty of accessories to keep your writing in check.

Choose between big letters, words, and different symbols to get more variety. These nifty letters easily stay on the board and when you shop in our board accessories selection you can always top up with extra letters.


How do you make the most of your board accessories?
To make the most out of your board accessories, we recommend using magnetics holders, so you have everything within reach. This way you never have to rummage through your drawers to find markers again.

What kind of board accessories do you offer?
We offer all kinds of accessories, from the most-needed cleaning tools to wipe off writing to handy holders where you can store everything you need. We have a wide selection with solutions for every board.

Why are board accessories necessary for a magnetic board?
What’s great about our board accessories is the fact that they can all be stored directly on your magnetic board by making use of our boxes and holders. It also ensures you have what you need to keep your board clean. Board accessories make life a little easier and free up space.