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Pin boards

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A traditional pin board with a modern twist

With a pin board, you get a traditional notice board – the pioneer of the magnetic board. A classic piece of home décor that goes well in every room.

At NAGA, we have designed pinboards since 1977 and today we offer a blend of traditional products and modern upgrades, in different shapes and sizes. From our classic cork pin board in a light, wooden frame to a dark, brown cork, there is a huge selection available. Circular, rectangular, and squared. Put a couple of pinboards on the wall side by side or try to pair them with our magnetic boards to get a different look. Our selection allows you to choose between traditional and contemporary styles – all suitable for pins in a variety of styles.


Pin down your goals and stay focused

A pin board has no set purpose: You can use it for whatever you want. If you love building stuff it’s easy to attach instructions, measurements, and detailed drawings to the board with pins. Use it to create an overview of your project, get new ideas, and stay focused. If you are the crafty type, it’s the perfect place to store knitting patterns and inspirational photos to inform your visions. There are a lot of options and no fixed way to do it.

For older kids, a pin board works well on the wall by the desk. They can attach homework and important reminders, or use them for their hobbies, whether that’s art, craft, sport, or music. With the pins, it’s easy to put up things that inspire.  


Use the pin board as a photo frame, planner, or decoration

If you want your pin board to be predominantly decorative, then we have a photo frame, which is designed for this purpose - but you can also use our other pin boards if you like.

What’s great about it is how easily it can be adapted. While it’s easy to fill a pin board with multiple items, it also looks good when decorated sparingly with a few postcards. It breaks up the modern and adds a little retro to the room.

With a pin board in your home or office, you are also well equipped to plan for the future, whether that’s tomorrow or a year from now. Arrange the perfect holiday and keep track of all your ideas. Organise the next step of a project. Or how about creating a Christmas wish list, for yourself or for others?


Can you write on a pin board?
No, a pin board is designed to attach things to with pins. While you can write on paper and pin it to your board, you cannot write on it directly.

What materials are pin boards made of?
NAGA’s pin boards are produced in cork or hessian. They come in a light wooden frame or a black MDF frame.

Why get a pin board?
A pin board is a great addition to the home. It’s a practical retro item that has stood the test of time – and it allows you to be creative. Use it as a notice board, planner, decoration or anything in-between.