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Mobile boards

NAGA mobile whiteboards are available in different materials and in several sizes. There are wheels under the boards so it can be easily moved and reversed.

A mobile board is a very useful and flexible whiteboard, both in the meeting room and in the office. The boards are all magnetic and have the write on/wipe off function.

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High-Quality Multifunctional Mobile Whiteboards

NAGA's mobile whiteboards on wheels offer the perfect blend of functionality and mobility, designed to enhance the efficiency and engagement of teaching and presentations! With our mobile whiteboards, you can effortlessly transfer your ideas from one space to another. Whether in a conference room, classroom, or meeting space, our mobile whiteboards allow you to customize your workspace as needed. We offer several different mobile whiteboards, each tailored to suit your workplace requirements. Below, you can explore the various options in our selection to find the whiteboard that best fits your needs.

Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard

A double-sided whiteboard offers several advantages. Firstly, it saves space. With a double-sided whiteboard, you get twice the writing space on the same surface, which is ideal for cramped spaces or when you need multiple presentations or ideas available simultaneously. Additionally, the ability to switch between two sides provides greater flexibility during presentations or meetings, allowing you to prepare two different topics in advance or use both sides to divide discussions or activities. With a double-sided whiteboard, you can avoid having to erase one side to start a new idea or presentation. Therefore, a double-sided mobile whiteboard can also be a time-saving solution – perfect for a busy schedule.

Single-Sided Mobile Whiteboard

Stand-alone mobile whiteboards also offer a range of benefits, making them an attractive choice in various situations. Typically, these whiteboards will have a smaller size, making them suitable for smaller rooms or situations where space is limited. Single-sided mobile whiteboards are also cheaper than their double-sided counterparts. Although they only have one writing surface, single-sided mobile whiteboards can still be used for a wide range of purposes, including brainstorming, presentations, teaching, and project planning.

Mobile Whiteboard with Flipchart Function

Most of our mobile whiteboards feature space for flipchart paper in one way or another. Therefore, when you purchase from NAGA, you get a multifunctional mobile whiteboard. By having space for flipchart paper on the mobile whiteboard, users can easily switch between writing on the whiteboard surface and the flipchart paper. Explore all our whiteboard accessories, including whiteboard markers and magnets.

Sometimes, it can be useful to retain notes or ideas, especially during meetings or workshops. With flipchart paper, you can easily tear off the completed notes and save them for later reference, helping to maintain continuity in work and ensuring nothing is lost. Also, check out our full range of flipchart boards.


Do you have any questions about our mobile whiteboards?
Feel free to contact NAGA customer service via email at naga@naga.dk or by phone at +45 76 34 75 00 if you have any questions about our NAGA Business products or need assistance selecting the right mobile whiteboard for your company. We are open every weekday from 8 am to 4 pm (Friday 8 am to 3 pm).