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Metal boards

The metalboard is magnetic, which allows you to attach notes, photos and more with magnets.

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A magnetic steel board brimming with potential

If you enjoy brick walls and industrial interiors, then a magnetic steel board might be for you. We offer a wide range of metal boards, from rusty and unrefined to smooth and elegant. Their common denominator is that they combine they are both decorative and functional, making them suitable for multiple purposes in different rooms.  

Our magnetic steel board comes in rectangular and circular shapes to cater to every taste. Thanks to its magnetic surface, it’s possible to attach magnets in a variety of styles and colours. Let them be decorations of their own or use them to attach items to the board.


Each magnetic steel board is unique

If you choose a rusted metal board from NAGA, you get something unique. This is because each magnetic steel board has been individually rusted. You, therefore, get a board like no other. The result is a raw finish that goes well with plants and rustic items in a modern home. Put it on the wall alongside paintings or other boards - or let it speak for itself. How you use it is up to you.

For those who prefer something more polished, NAGA also offers decoration rings, storage boards, and hexagonal grids with hooks made from white or black metal. These are great for displaying family photos and postcards, or for keeping your recipes in a visible, handy place.


Create the board of your dreams

Like the rest of our boards, NAGA’s metal products serve multiple purposes, meaning you can tailor them to your needs. Each board offers clever ways of exhibiting and storing personal items, whether it’s a scissor for the home office or pictures of your family. With a hexagonal grid board, you even get to hang things up with hooks. A magnetic steel board can therefore be a practical storing unit, as well as an ornament on the wall.

At home, it’s the perfect way to display messages to the family in the hallway and jot down plans on the go, but it can also help create a nice ambience in the living room as a decoration. Or how about reminding yourself of your best holiday moments by putting up photos on a white metal decoration ring? With a magnetic steel board, you have options.

And do you know what the best thing is about our metal products? They require no care beyond normal cleaning with a wet cloth.    


Can I write on a metal board?
No. Our magnetic steel boards are not suitable to write on. Instead, you can decorate and attach things with magnets. It’s just as nice.

What kind of metal boards do you have?
All our metal boards are designed to go on your wall. Some are individually rusted to give them a natural, unrefined look, while others have a more polished finish. Use them for anything you like – as long as it’s magnetic or can be stored or attached to one.

Why choose a board in metal?
A metal board requires no care beyond normal cleaning – and it’s solid. You therefore get an aesthetic decoration with practical functions that can be tailored to your needs.