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Monthly planners

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Develop big picture thinking with a monthly planner

Keep track of family activities, birthdays, and upcoming events with a monthly planner from NAGA. Our glass board gives you a visual overview of the days ahead, making it an easy way to structure everyday life. Simply use board markers to jot down your plans – or attach invitations, documents, and other items with super strong magnets.

Our specially designed monthly planner is made of glass and comes with a white and black marker, so you can get started right away. Fitted with squares for each day of the month, the board is easy to use. Start with the first day of the month and work your way through.  


A monthly planner in glass

At NAGA, we produce products of the highest quality. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our glass products, including the monthly planner. We know they last.

Choose between a board in pastel colours or grey shades. Place it in the office, kitchen or living room and tailor it to your home by choosing accessories to get the look you want.    

Like all our glass boards, the monthly planner has a smooth surface that adds understated elegance to the wall. Write on it with chalk markers, which is easily wiped off with an eraser once dry, or attach photos, notes and invitations with magnets in different shapes and colours. Just remember to use super strong magnets as normal ones can’t reach the metal underneath the glass surface. 


Pin ideas, plan meals, or keep track of important deadlines

With a decorative planner spanning an entire month, you can create an overview of all sorts of things, from meal plans to project deadlines.   

In a big family, a monthly planner is a useful way of planning weekly chores, keeping track of meetings, play dates and important matches. How about noting down your plans for the Christmas holiday? Or keeping track of reservations and cultural events?   

A monthly planner is also a useful productivity tool in the busy workplace where planning is vital. Put up the glass board somewhere visible and get into the habit of jotting down tasks, meeting dates, and deadlines as they arise. This way everyone knows what is happening, who is responsible for each task and project, and when the due dates are. A monthly planner is also a great way for small businesses to manually schedule shifts.


How does the monthly planner work?
You add the dates by filling in the white space in the top left corner of each of the squares, starting with the first day of the month. Once that’s done, you’re free to jot down plans and activities on the board – and when the week is over, you simply erase and start again.

What is a planner?
A monthly planner is a board that gives an overview of tasks, activities, appointments, etc. It can either be a monthly planner, which covers the entire month, or a weekly planner.

Why choose a monthly planner from NAGA?
With a monthly planner in glass, you get an elegant decoration with practical use. Attach documents and invitations to the board by using super strong magnets or write and draw with glass markers in different colours.