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Kids boards

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Explore our wonderous world of kids’ boards

Not everything is about the grownups. That’s why NAGA has designed a selection of kids’ boards aimed at younger audiences. Choose between kids’ boards with rainbows, elephants, or other friendly animals in a wealth of colours. Alternatively, get your hands on a kids' week planner with plenty of room for the school schedule.   

Thanks to the kids’ boards’ magnetic effect, it is easy to attach items to the board with magnets. So, if you are sitting on a pair of magnets from your childhood, this could be the time to show them off. And if your little ones prefer writing or drawing, then they can use chalk or whiteboard markers on our kids’ boards too.  


Decorative kids’ boards with broad appeal

One of the best things about NAGA’s kids’ boards is their ability to turn a white wall into a magical playground. They appeal to the youngest, who can decorate and draw on the boards with help from mum and dad, but they also work wonders for the older kids, who have already learnt to write. Why? Because our kids’ board is a great place to practice the alphabet. They are covered in a protective layer of laminated foil, and everything you write can be easily wiped off with a board eraser or soft cloth.

And if the kids can’t be left alone with magnets and markers, then you simply mount the board a little higher on the wall. Use magnets to showcase sweet family photos, write messages and create a nice ambience in the room.


Get organised with a week planner

When the kids start school, it can be tough to keep track of homework, playdates, and hobbies, but with a week planner from NAGA’s selection of kids’ boards, it gets a bit easier. Not only does the board have a box for each day of the week, making it easy to fill in tasks and school schedules, but it also comes with the cutest panda motif. Use the board to help your kids get an overview of homework, classes and activities and teach them how to plan and prioritise.

Even if you don’t have any kids in your life, you shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun. Why not add a splash of magic to your wall with a colourful kids’ board with rainbows? Or how about putting a zoo-themed board in the hallway so your guests have something cheerful to look at when they arrive at your house?

Kids’ boards give you plenty of options.


Can I write on a kids' board?
Yes. You and the young ones can write on our kids' boards as long as you use chalk markers or whiteboard markers. When it's dry, you simply wipe it off with a soft cloth or a board eraser. Nice and easy.

What materials are your kids' board made of?
Our kids’ boards are made of magnetic steel and are covered in a layer of protective laminated foil. This makes them suitable for younger age groups.

Why choose a kids' board?
Aside from the cute animal-themes and lovely designs, kids’ boards are also great for both planning and learning for school-aged children – and they are perfect for decorating too.