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Upscale your board with magnets

Whether you have a glass board, metal board or a traditional whiteboard, magnets are guaranteed to make an appearance. Why? Because they work.

With super strong magnets you can attach decorative and practical items to glass boards and other magnetic surfaces, including fridges, but you can also use them as decorations by choosing interesting shapes and colours.

We offer a great variety of magnets in materials such as: leather, oak, steel, and walnut. Get them in bright red, pastel, silver, gold, and everything in-between. Just remember to check the specifications before purchasing as only Super Strong magnets work on glass boards.


Magnets for practical purposes

If you use your magnetic board for professional purposes, magnets can help you get organised. Rather than having current documents tucked away in folders, magnets allow you to display them on the board for everyone to see – this way they are not forgotten.

Combine written ideas and instructions with items such as papers, photos and lists attached to the surface to create a better overview of projects, tasks, chores, and upcoming deadlines. It’s a simple way to get organised.

Magnets also make it easier to distinguish between urgent things and non-urgent things as you can use different colour magnets to differentiate between the two. Or maybe you just want to add a bit of brightness to your day?


Magnets as decorations

What’s good about magnets is that they are multipurpose. Not all boards are for planning and if you prefer a more aesthetic look, magnets work wonders. Because of the many variants on offer, it’s easy to find something that suits the colour and style of your wall.

Embrace your inner child by adoring your board with animals as you draw with chalk markers. Seek elegance with steel cylinders in silver, black or gold. There are no limits to your decorations and since everything is easily taken down again, you can be as bold and creative as you desire. Grab a pen and paper and get started.

Even if you don’t have a magnetic board yet, you may want some practical decorations for your fridge, so you have a handy place for your drawings and dinner recipes. After all, for some of us magnets are a reminder of childhood. In a highly digital age, they can offer a welcome break from the screen. Switch off, get your magnets and start playing.


Can I use ordenarry magnets on my glass board?
No you can only use Super Strong magnets of the material neodymium on your glass board, as the magnet must reach through to the metal layer at the back of the board.

How do I use the magnets on my board?
To use the magnets, simply attach them to a magnetic surface. Let them be decorations on their own or use them to attach photos, papers, and other elements to the board by placing the non-magnetic items underneath the magnets. If it’s a big item, you may need to use more than one magnet.

What kind of materials do you make your magnets from?
We produce our magnets in a variety of materials, such as: steel, glass, leather, acrylic and different types of wood.

Why choose to use magnets?
Magnets give you options. While it can be great to write things down with a board marker, it’s handy to be able to attach papers and other visuals to your magnetic board. Maybe you have received an invitation for an event you don’t want to forget about? Or need somewhere to put your old postcards?