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Wall clocks

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Large wall clocks in classic and modern designs

At Naga, you can find a wide selection of wall clocks for decoration and practical use. Whether you're looking for a large wall clock to serve as a striking centerpiece in your decor or a more discreet wall clock that complements the surrounding environment, we have something for every taste.

In our assortment, you will find wall clocks that follow the latest trends in home decor in Scandinavia. Among other things, we offer minimalist wall clocks in black and wood, which will be a timeless addition to your home. On the contrary, you will also find clocks for the wall in contrasting colors, as this design trend has been prevalent in Scandinavian design in recent years.

Whether you are seeking a large wall clock with clear numbers for the kitchen or a clock with only hour or minute hands as a stylish addition to the living room or bedroom, you can find it with us. Take the time to explore our extensive selection and find the perfect wall clock that suits your personal taste and interior style.

Wall clock with numbers

Wall clocks with numbers are both practical and functional. The numbers make it easy to read the time, making this type of wall clock suitable for the kitchen, where precise timing is often necessary during cooking. Alternatively, this kind of clock can also serve a practical function in the entrance, allowing you to easily keep an eye on the time while getting the children ready to leave the door.

Wall clock with clock hands only

Minimalist wall clocks equipped only with hands, on the other hand, are considered more decorative clocks. Hang them in the bedroom, living room, or other areas of the home where a large wall clock can replace traditional wall decor such as posters or pictures.


Are your wall clocks silent?
Several of our wall clocks are silent, making them suitable for rooms where silence is desired. It will be indicated in the description of each wall clock whether it is silent or not, and therefore, we encourage you to read the description before purchase.

Which brand do your wall clocks come from?
Our wall clocks are from the popular brand Karlsson. Karlsson's range is extensive, covering everything from minimalist and modern designs to more traditional and classic styles. The materials are carefully selected to ensure long-lasting performance and a stylish expression. Whether it's wood, metal, or other materials, Karlsson has the ability to combine form and function in a way that creates timeless works of art.