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Office products


In addition to our design products for the wall, you will also find a number of office products at NAGA.
ByAnneK is our own brand of office products. Different products for homeoffice and all you need to pack mail items. You'll find the assortment here.


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Everyday practical mailing materials and other office supplies from NAGA

NAGA also has a range of other office and paper products. ByAnneK is our own brand in office products and various shipping materials for packing and mailing.

Buy everything you need for your home office, business or shop for mailing letters and parcels - see the range here.

While folders, mailing boxes, bubble wrap and envelopes may not make most people jump in their chairs with excitement, these basic necessities are essential for most businesses, and they've become important in the home office too. That's why we make it easy to fill up your basket with practical office accessories when you shop our online store.

Packaging and shipping materials at a reasonable price

If, for example, you need to send and deliver documents to a customer, it's not enough that the envelope is too big or too small. Therefore, it is important that the office has envelopes for every purpose, so you always have one that suits your needs. NAGA Business offers a large selection - from the classic lined envelope to the secure bubble envelope. And if the shipment needs extra protection, we also have both bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard for packaging.

If you need to send products to the customer from your privately owned online shop or from the large mailing department in your company, we offer mailing boxes in different sizes - from spacious to compact. Packaging and shipping materials are becoming more and more important as web shops and e-commerce expand. Both for packaging shipments to the customer, but also for return shipments from the customer. At NAGA you will find an almost complete post office range of shipping materials.

Buy your packaging here and make sure your goods arrive safely.

From classic postal products to creative excesses

In addition to classic office supplies, you'll also find scrapbooks in A4 and A5 sizes. They act as cut-and-paste books and are used to collect memories in one place. Fill the pages with photos, dried flowers, plane tickets and drawings and tell your unique story in a creative way. Or use a scrapbook to collect your favorite food or knitting recipes. Maybe you need to storyboard a new campaign and want a different kind of presentation folder - scrapbooks are great for this too. A scrapbook gives you space for everything. All the creative ideas where only the imagination sets the limits.

We also offer a range of other practical office supplies that we know most people can use: Sorting folders and spiral notepads with tabs to make organizing and planning easier. See also our chalkboards.

With NAGA Business office supplies, you get a wide range of useful tools to help you solve everyday tasks.

What is ByAnneK?
ByAnneK is NAGA's own brand of office products. Pack and post and Office ByAnneK. The assortment is selected and composed by Anne-Kari, who is a product developer at NAGA - hence the name ByAnneK.

What office supplies can you buy at NAGA?
NAGA offers envelopes, bubble envelopes, mailing boxes, bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard; an almost complete range for mailing. In addition, we have various folders and notebooks.

Why choose office supplies from NAGA Business?
Our office supplies are practical, high-quality products that are also reasonably priced. They work for what they were made for - and they are easy to use.