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Hanging plant pots

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Explore NAGA's range of hanging plant pots

Create a beautiful green corner in your home with our hanging plant pots and wall-mounted planters in various materials such as ceramic, wicker, metal, and even paper. With our hanging plant pots, you can add a touch of nature to any space, whether it's in the kitchen, living room, or balcony. Our range of plant pots is curated to suit different tastes and styles – from rustic and natural to modern and minimalist.

Hanging Plant Pots in Durable Materials

Our ceramic hanging plant pots add elegance and charm to your home, while our wicker hanging plant pots provide a cozy and homely atmosphere. If you prefer a more modern or industrial look, our black metal plant pots are the perfect choice. And for those who want something unique and sustainable, we even offer hanging plant pots made of recycled paper. They are sealed with natural latex, making them 100% waterproof.

Whatever material you prefer, you can be sure that our hanging plant pots are of high quality and available at affordable prices. Create your own green paradise at home with our cheap yet stylish hanging plant pots and wall-mounted planters.

Integrate Plants into Your Decor

Hanging plant pots and wall-mounted planters can be combined with other wall decorations in the interior design of your home. For example, create an impressive centerpiece in your living room by integrating hanging plant pots into a gallery wall with posters and pictures. Alternatively, hang wall-mounted planters in your kitchen so you always have fresh herbs at hand. By integrating hanging plant pots in these ways, you can create beautiful, functional, and unique interior solutions that add life, color, and personality to your home.


How do I hang the plant pots?
All of NAGA's hanging plant pots come with a string, chain, or strap, which the plant pot should be hung with. In the product images, you can see which string or chain comes with each individual hanging pot. Additionally, it requires that you mount a hook on the wall or ceiling, onto which the string or chain can be hooked.

The wall-mounted pots simply need to be hung on the wall with a screw.

Do you have plant pots that don't need to be hung up?
Yes, at NAGA you will also find a selection of plant pots that don't need to be hung up on the wall or ceiling, but can be placed on the floor or on a table. Check out our other plant pots here.