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Visualize Your Goals with a Vision Board

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Visualize Your Goals with a Vision Board

As a new year approaches, many are inclined to start dreaming about their plans and goals for the upcoming year. While feeling motivated, you can benefit from creating a visual overview of these plans and goals in the form of a vision board – a pin board with inspirational images that can serve as a reminder of your goals throughout the year. Read this blog post to find out what a vision board really is and how you can start making one yourself.

What is a vision board?
You may have already come across the term "vision board" on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where especially young women share their vision board designs. A vision board is like a visual manifestation of your dreams and goals, usually consisting of aesthetic images and motivating quotes. But a vision board is not just for decoration. By making your goals and dreams visible, you can be motivated daily to work towards them. The vision board acts as a constant reminder of what you strive to achieve, making it an effective tool.


Vision board lavet på en kork opslagstavle. Hænger sammen med runde tavler på væggen bag et skrivebord.

How to create a vision board
To give you inspiration on how to create a vision board, here's an example of what it could look like. However, you have endless possibilities to put your own personal touch on it. Creating a vision board is a creative process. Gather your friends or sit alone with some inspiring music in your ears and follow this step-by-step guide to create your own personal vision board with a pin board.

1. Brainstorm goals and desires
The first step is to reflect on what goals and dreams you have for the new year. It can be physical fitness goals, such as running a half marathon or losing weight, or mental health improvement goals, such as limiting screen time. Perhaps you dream of traveling outside Europe or saving enough money to buy a house. The more specific you are, the easier it becomes to work towards your goals.


Magasiner og pins brugt til at lave et vision board på en opslagstavle

2. Collecting images
When creating a vision board, you can collect images from many sources. Many find their images on Pinterest and print them out, but you can also use clippings from magazines, newspapers, or something entirely different. Only your imagination sets the limits! The most important thing is that you want to have it displayed on a pin board, so it's a good idea to choose images that roughly match your interior style.


Billeder, som bliver brugt til et vision board

3. Play with the placement of the images
Before fixing the images, you can play with their placement. Try different layouts before finding the one that suits you best. Tip! Feel free to add extra decorations to spice up your vision board. Bows have been trendy lately, so we couldn't resist adding them!


Et vision board, bestående af en kork opslagstavle med billeder sat fast med pins

4. Attach the images to a bulletin board
Cork and hessian pin boards are perfect for creating vision boards! It's a much more elegant solution than gluing the pictures to a large piece of cardboard, for example. Moreover, you are much more flexible when you attach the images with drawing pins or pins. This allows you to rearrange the pictures later on or add more as time goes by and you think of new dreams and goals.


Now all that's left is to hang your vision board somewhere you'll always see it and be reminded of your goals!


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