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Inspiration for nursery decoration

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Inspiration for nursery decoration

Are you currently in the process of setting up a nursery and seeking some inspiration?

In this article, we present valuable tips and ideas for nursery decoration. We'll guide you through important considerations when preparing a room for your little one and show you how posters and other decorative elements can contribute to creating a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for infants.


Decorate with posters for the nursery

You might have already contemplated which colors or themes should shine through in the baby's room. With posters, you can make the theme even more evident and cohesive.

In addition to serving as beautiful wall decorations, nursery posters can be a subtle way to introduce learning aspects to your baby. Numbers, letters, shapes, and colors can all contribute to strengthening your child's ability to recognize specific motifs and eventually develop the skills to articulate words. Thus, learning becomes a playful integration within the nursery.



Instead of framing nursery posters in glass frames, which could pose a safety risk for your child, poster rails are the perfect solution. Poster rails, also known as poster hangers, are equipped with magnets that secure around the poster without causing any damage. With poster rails instead of frames, you can easily swap out the poster for a new one and you don't have to worry about your child's safety.


Storage in the nursery is crucial for keeping things organized

Nursery shelves should preferably be lightweight and without sharp edges that could pose a safety risk for the child. Round shelves made of materials like wicker are our top recommendation for nursery shelves.



Alternatively, the shelves should be installed well out of the child's reach. Gallery shelves, for example, can easily hang higher on the wall, as their primary purpose is to display items. Gallery shelves are particularly useful in the nursery for storing children's books. Children's books don't take up much space and can be displayed on gallery shelves without any issues – even in multiple layers.


Items that stimulate senses and creativity

A mobile is another object that can create a cohesive design in the nursery if it complements the chosen theme. A mobile is good to add to the nursery as it is likely to capture your baby's attention and may even have a calming effect at bedtime or at the changing table. However, it is crucial to place the mobile out of the baby's reach.



As your baby grows a bit older, they can enjoy lots of good moments with a magnetic steel board. Using a water-based chalk marker, they can draw and erase repeatedly. We recommend a lightweight board made of steel for the child's safety. NAGA chalkboards come in several patterns – perhaps one of them matches the theme you've decided on for the nursery?

Remember! Magnets are not toys, and they should be kept out of reach of babies and small children.



We hope that you now feel more inspired to embark on the journey of decorating your nursery. Have fun decorating!


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